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No one likes to be kept waiting…

Probably one of the worst things anyone can do is to be late for a first date. It’s pretty embarrassing to wait in a restaurant all alone with a glass of water or wine, staring hopefully at anyone who enters… And it doesn’t offer much chance for a successful date, even if the other party eventually does show up. In a recent survey conducted by Heavy Reading and commissioned by Amdocs, service providers rated missed service level agreements (SLAs) as the most common complaint of business customers in the onboarding process of new services – some kind of first date! […]  More >>

Building Value and Revenue with Wi-Fi Services

I recently vacationed with friends who were obsessed with posting their daily snaps to Instagram. Everywhere we went, I heard the familiar refrains: “Is there Wi-Fi here? Can you get a connection? It says I’m connected but I can’t get the page to load. This Wi-Fi service is terrible!” The digital experience is such a big part of our personal and working lives that we expect to be connected at all times – and more often than not, we turn to Wi-Fi. In a recent study, conducted by Hot Telecom of over 4,500 global consumers, from Hot Telecom, 79 percent […]  More >>

Are you ready for VoLTE?

VoLTE has to meet – and exceed – traditional voice quality and services to really make its mark, which is where policy control becomes mandatory  More >>

Elastic PCRF – How far can it stretch data services?

There’s a lot of chatter around virtualization and elastic solutions lately, but what does it mean? Is there value for service providers beyond lowering operational costs? Can Network Function Virtualization (NFV) “stretch” data service offerings and increase ROI? Thankfully the “cloud” of confusion around NFV is beginning to dissipate as service providers realize the value in virtualizing control-plane applications – PCRF, HSS and subscriber databases – goes well beyond hardware cost savings. Software-centric core networks provide greater service agility and enable service providers to quickly extend data service offerings around more market opportunities. When evaluating NFV, service providers must consider the service […]  More >>

InTouch 2012: What customers really think about their data experience

Are your customers happy with their data experience? Do they even know what data plan they have and how much they’re paying for it? What would they really be prepared to pay extra for? For a small taste of what they had to say, take a look at this video, and join us at the Amdocs InTouch Business Forum in Miami for a detailed discussion of the findings at the Revenue Management Summit.  More >>