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Nere Gunn

Nere Gunn leads marketing communications for Amdocs’ Radio Access Network (RAN) Solutions portfolio which encompasses an integrated suite of network optimization software and services.

VoLTE: No easy path – but worth it

VoLTE pathIt might not be as hard work as trekking across the Andes, but while there is no easy path to rolling out Voice over LTE (VoLTE), the rewards can be amazing. Careful preparation is essential and by planning well and optimizing the network for a VoLTE launch, service providers can provide the ultimate user experience in voice services. But failure to plan a VoLTE launch properly and prepare the network to be ‘VoLTE ready’, will result in poor service quality and a bad customer experience. Customers will have high expectations for the new digital voice service after many years of […]  More >>

Network Testing: Having the right tools at the right time

tools for the jobRegardless of the subject, change is good – but there’s a downside. Every change brings an equal and opposite toolset that is needed to manage that change. OK, Newton might be rolling in his grave, but the point is that new technologies usually bring added costs to testing-deploy cycles, in both engineering resources and new tools, whether it be in-house, commercial or open toolsets. Given the rapid pace of disruption, it’s not surprising that tools – or the lack thereof – are a hot topic for network testing teams. In a recent survey, conducted by Coleman-Parkes on behalf of Amdocs, […]  More >>

Overcoming the VoLTE challenges

VoLTEMaking the transition from circuit switched voice to Voice over LTE (VoLTE) for mobile voice services is yet another key step forward in the long evolution of the telephone. For well over 120 years, voice services have been the mainstay for service providers and the technology has evolved from analogue to digital, and from fixed line to mobile. For each step the advantages and rewards have been many. VoLTE presents the next step change in mobile voice services by offering customers HD voice and faster call setup times, with the additional benefit of bandwidth saving for the service provider. But […]  More >>

Surviving in a SON world

Mobile network operators (MNOs) are well aware that their networks are becoming increasingly congested. In fact, mobile data traffic is projected to increase at a CAGR of 42.5 percent over the next five years. And with networks now incorporating technologies from a growing number of equipment providers, complexity is only increasing, which complicates things even further. This is why MNOs are seeking vendor-agnostic optimization solutions that increase capacity as well as boost quality of experience (QoE) and ROI. So as the industry migrates towards the second-generation of self-optimizing networks (SON), now is the perfect time to look at what surviving […]  More >>

Amdocs Special Event Management solution shortlisted for prestigious LTE award

Amdocs’ multi-vendor Special Event Management has been shortlisted for the prestigious LTE Awards 2015, which celebrate innovation and recognize achievement in the LTE community. Amdocs is a finalist in the Best Test /Measurement LTE Product category. The Amdocs Special Event Management solution enables mobile operators to deliver superior customer experiences at live stadium and sporting events by extracting the highest levels of capacity from their existing network infrastructure. Amdocs’ solution measures LTE, 3G and 2G subscriber experiences, as well as network congestion in real time, and takes immediate action to maintain capacity and customer quality of experience. The award […]  More >>