High-definition voice needs a robust network


VoLTE success is based on robust structures

When the first offshore lighthouses were built, many were constructed from timber rather than stone for speed and ease of construction. But this approach didn’t take into account the severe weather conditions and powerful seas, which invariably led to their early demise as they got washed away by the storms. It was interlocking stone blocks that enabled lighthouses to be built to last a lifetime by creating a solid structure which could survive the worst tempest.

Similarly with VoLTE or Voice over LTE, a technology which ensures high quality of service for mobile voice calls over IP, VoLTE needs a robust and well prepared network infrastructure in order to provide reliable, HD voice services.

VoLTE is much more than just another emerging technology. As voice revenues still struggle in the doldrums, VoLTE promises to revitalize mobile voice services by providing not only HD voice with a guaranteed quality of service, but also by making more efficient use of the bandwidth and enabling a richer and more integrated set of communication services such as video calling (ViLTE). VoLTE is also well positioned as an enabler for the enterprise user market, where high quality voice and video call services have become essential business tools.

Customers have high expectations for voice services after being used to many years of reliable voice calls, and will expect VoLTE service quality to be at least as good if not better than conventional circuit switched calls. Launching and operating a new HD Voice service successfully depends on essential pre-launch network preparation, data analysis and effective post-launch optimization. It is important to determine how the network is being used, the user experience and network performance before VoLTE launch. This should be carried out with a network readiness survey, the results are then used to optimize the network in key focus areas to maximize user experience.

To explore these and other issues, Amdocs have published a new white paper entitled VoLTE: From Promise to Reality. In this paper we take a look at some of the challenges facing service providers planning the introduction of VoLTE and set out several approaches which can help resolve these issues including specialized services for network readiness, QoE management and data analytics. All of which aim to reduce rollout cost and risk while ensuring high quality, robust HD voice, video and data services.

Just like offshore lighthouses which have stood the test of time, VoLTE also needs a well-designed and robust infrastructure to ensure its future success!

Download the white paper VoLTE: From Promise to Reality


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