Process orchestration drives more efficient fiber rollout

Fiber network

Process automation streamlines fiber deployment like a modern factory production line

As we go about our daily lives and see people all around us using their mobile devices, it is easy to forget the importance of fiber. Fiber networks are essential for transporting the vast amounts of data that we generate every day during the course of our business and social activities. In fact fiber technology underpins the foundation of our ever expanding mobile and fixed line networks and without doubt, fiber is very much here to stay for the foreseeable future.

While major service providers, cable and telecoms companies are set for a dramatic play-off in the battle for broadband supremacy, fiber access networks are even more important and are growing faster than ever before. To lead the pack or just to remain competitive, service providers need to look for more agile and smarter ways to expand and modernize their networks efficiently while keeping their budgets under control. But how?

Service providers are faced with many challenges when planning and deploying fiber, whether it’s for expansion to increase capacity or modernization to prepare for next generation networks. These challenges include choosing the right strategy, making critical design and engineering decisions quickly, operations support readiness and having the right skills and capabilities necessary to rapidly deploy new network architectures. All this in the face of regulatory, competitive and cost efficiency criterion. No wonder it’s complicated!

As the pressure builds to upgrade and deploy more and more fiber connections, manual project management methods using spreadsheets are no longer enough. What used to be done by a team of people now needs to be done by just one person, and at a much faster rate to stay on time and within budget. A new approach is clearly needed, one that orchestrates high volume change processes across all the various network inventories, asset management, activation systems, project teams and 3rd parties in order to speed up deployment and meet commercial objectives, just like process automation in a modern factory production plant.

To explore these issues further, Amdocs have published a new white paper entitled Meeting fiber demand with a smarter approach to network rollout’.

In this paper we take a look at the challenges service providers face when planning and deploying various fiber network technologies in an era of fierce competition and cost control. Specifically, the paper examines how process automation and end-to-end project orchestration can help service providers plan, design and implement network modernization programs, using state-of-the-art tools like Amdocs’ Network Rollout Solution to drive down costs, reduce complexity and speed up deployment.

Having the right management tools is one thing, but having the experts on hand to drive and guide the project and educate the workforce in the use of the new tools and processes is another. Specialized planning and design services can be used to close the skills gap and accelerate deployment. Amdocs provides a complete and comprehensive products + services + partners offering which helps plan, coordinate and deploy your new fiber solution, giving you peace of mind in the knowledge that your project is in safe hands.

With fiber firmly set to underpin the access and core networks of the future, automation will play a crucial role in the rapid deployment and upgrade of next generation fiber networks.

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