NFV Buzz Around the Web

NFV Buzz Around the Web

NFV Buzzing Around the Web

Ever since our successful NFV demo with Vodafone at Mobile World Congress this past February, there’s been a lot of buzz around our NFV offering. The live use case helped many in the industry understand that virtualization isn’t some futuristic offering, but a real offering that can contribute value today. We expect to see hybrid networks, blending both hardware and software elements, for the better part of the next decade, and we’re building use cases and developing software designed to turn the network into a competitive differentiator that helps deliver superior customer experiences for your customers. In case you’ve missed it, here is some of the buzz we’ve been seeing around the web.

The Business Case that Could

TM Forum’s Dawn Bushaus reported that vCPE, or virtual customer premises equipment, could net service providers more than $1.4 billion by rolling out the service to customers. And that doesn’t take into consideration the $1.3 billion in cost savings.

According to Larry Goldman, Partner and Head of Telecoms Software at Analysys Mason, the savings come from reducing complicated installation processes. “Instead of installing a bunch of complicated equipment, the function is virtualized in the network. It’s simpler, and there are fewer truck rolls and less training required.”

A Leading Light

Light Reading has been giving out Leading Lights to innovative companies in telecom for over a decade. This year, they’ve awarded Amdocs with the Most Innovative NFV Product Strategy award. According to West Coast Bureau Chief Mitch Wagner, Amdocs was nominated, in part because we have “completed more than 20 advanced NFV PoCs with Tier 1 operators, and partners with 30 other suppliers. Amdocs’ strategy of openness allows operators to onboard any virtual network function from any vendor, supporting service agility and avoiding the challenges of vendor lock-in.”

A Fusion Story

Amdocs Cloud-Fusion will enable the development of a number of cloud offerings, reported last month. This solution, developed in partnership with Microsoft, wouldn’t be possible without Amdocs NFV-ready Network Cloud Service Orchestrator.

According to the solution “The Cloud-Fusion platform is intended to provide unified management, monitoring, orchestration and assurance, enabling service providers to automate fulfilment and operations of cloud-based services. The hopeful outcome is to improve customer experience.”

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  1. Vignesh Iyer
    Posted June 28, 2016 at 9:50 am | Permalink

    Exciting days/weeks/months for telecom in the NFV space.. looking forward to work in this area and contribute to its success especially in Domain2.0

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