Infographic: the impact of MFS loyalty programs on consumer usage

Many MFS providers are grappling with the unyielding challenge of how to accelerate usage and adoption 2-3 years after deploying an MFS solution. Often times, many forget the Pareto Principle –  whereby 80% of your revenue comes from 20% of your loyal customers  Many tend to neglect this key target audience- which can be a gold mine if catered to appropriately.

In a recent joint Ovum & Amdocs survey, both consumers and services providers were asked about MFS loyalty programs from their perspectives – the results were surprising. The survey clearly shows MFS providers are missing out- either by not offering a robust enough loyalty program or that their current program might be misaligned with the fundamental needs and wants of their key customers.

Read this infographic to gain more insight on the key takeaways:


To learn more, Download the full report or request a demo of Amdocs MFS Loyalty management system.

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