2017 Trends: The Synthesis of Mobile and Digital Technology

According to the latest proximity mobile payments forecast from eMarketer, the total value of mobile payment transactions in the US will grow 210% in 2016, as advances in digital technology fuel the rise in the number of people using their phones to pay for goods and services at the point of sale. These advances are altering the way business is done around the globe, and are making it crucial for mobile payment providers to not only track, but also adapt to what’s trending within mobile and digital technology. Here are three particular digital trends set to transform mobile financial services […]  More >>
tokenization transfer

Building a bright new Tokenized future for MFS

Users of mobile financial services are getting more and more sophisticated, resulting in a growing demand for a seamless and connected omni-channel shopping experience. They also want to be sure that their digital payment experience is secure and not vulnerable to hacks. With cyberattacks becoming more and more sophisticated and prevalent, tokenization has become key in payment data security. To protect consumers’ accounts from fraud, tokenization has become the latest weapon to secure card free and frictionless payments in online and mobile commerce environments. Mobile wallets have become the epicenter of all connected devices. By utilizing tokenization technologies, sensitive data […]  More >>
Fast pace of technology is driving innovation in your wallet

New Technology Innovations Impacting MFS Success

As a MFS provider, you operate in a fast-changing world. New technologies, trends, socio-economic and regulatory changes – they all shape and impact the customer experience that your end users will have when they utilize mobile financial services. Fast-moving technologies are driving the convergence of retail, mobile and telecom, allowing telcos to offer their customers more flexible yet cost effective means to transact via their mobile phone. According to KPMG, mobile technologies can cut the cost of financial transactions by up to 80 percent, which will help MFS providers to onboard new customers. Let’s explore three new innovation-driven developments in […]  More >>
MFS Keys elements

3 key elements to drive long term commercial success, scale and profitability with MFS

Many MFS providers struggle to bring their mobile payment solution to the next level in order to grow adoption and increase profitability. However, they find that growth and profitability are hampered by their current MFS platform’s inability to scale to meet their market and customers’ evolving needs. This prevents them from enhancing their solution to incorporate broader, more innovative use cases that will extend their user base and drive their current and future profitability. To understand what drives scalability in MFS, and whether it is different than scalability across other domains, it is crucial to dissect the MFS key business […]  More >>
road to growth

The Road to Growth – Key insights on MFS growth for mobile money providers

As the global mobile financial services deployment count nears close to 300 mobile money deployments, 33 million transactions processed daily and 12 billion processed annually – the industry continues to show great promise and great potential to be profitable. Providers are anticipating and expecting to reap great benefit from their deployments due to combination of direct fee revenues and indirect benefits that they may earn via this channel (churn reduction and lower airtime-sales-channel costs being the most significant). For those providers that have initially set up their mobile money solution and are not yet seeing their success come to fruition, […]  More >>

How to drive partnerships further and faster in MFS

In this hypercompetitive market, you need strong and strategic partnerships to ensure the long term profitability of your MFS business. You and your partners are in constant pursuit of ways to expand distribution, enhance customer experience and monetize new opportunities. Tapping into the right partnerships will enhance your and your partners’ overall technological capabilities as well as the chance to expand into new channels and territories. Additionally, partnerships are essential for enabling you to scale and innovate so that you will be better equipped to enhance the overall customer experience and launch more use cases. Strategic partnerships will also help […]  More >>
XXXX on Thursday, June 2, 2016, in New York. (Charles Sykes/AP Images for VISA)

The Sixth Olympic Ring

The five-ringed symbol of the Olympic Games represents the five world continents, and furthers the message that all humanity is connected. However, it is the sixth ring, making its debut in Rio, which could have the biggest impact on all of us. The Visa payment ring is an NFC-enabled device, which allows wearers to make payments simply by tapping their ring on the payment terminal. Consumers no longer have to reach into their pockets to take out credit cards, or even switch on their phone, when buying a cup of coffee or a souvenir from the Rio Games. The payments […]  More >>
In successful MFS implementations, profitability and scalibility go hand in hand

When it comes to MFS, scalability and profitability can go hand in hand

Telcos that offer mobile financial services (MFS) are often faced with an age-old dilemma: how to accelerate adoption of those services, increase their usage as well as expand to broader, more innovative use cases with the purpose of becoming scalable and profitable. Generating revenues and eventually showing profitability from MFS remains complicated as it is based on volume which takes time to build. One of the main issues for measuring profitability of mobile money services is dramatically different from measuring the profitability of e.g., voice and data services. In contrast to the latter providing mobile financial services revolves around operational […]  More >>
Amdocs scoops award for Best Payments Deployment in Asia

Amdocs scoops award for Best Payments Deployment in Asia

At last month’s Mobile Money Global event in Istanbul, Amdocs were jointly honored with an award for the Best Payments Deployment in Asia in 2015. The award reinforces the great inroads into the global payments market we’ve made over the last year or so, especially in countries like the Philippines, where we have teamed up with local provider Globe Telecom. With 40% of municipalities in the Philippines lacking any sort of physical access to banks, and a number of high barriers preventing people from even opening a bank account, some 75% of the Filipino population still remains unbanked. Our innovative […]  More >>
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Chat With Juniper About Connected Money: Catch Up On What You Missed

Ever wonder why or whether Japan is an attractive money transfer market – and whether alternative providers will impact the market share in Japan? If you had to guess, would cost or convenience be the #1 factor impacting choice of money remittance provider? How important is automation in the money transfer process? Check out our “rehashed” AmdocsMFS (handle/link) twitter chat to better understand the above and glean more insight as to why traditional remittance channels like Money Transfer Organizations (MTOs) and banking institutions have had a stronghold on and continue to thrive in the international remittance space. Perhaps you will […]  More >>