What to See at Managed Services World Congress

Next stop, London! I hope it doesn’t rain, as I’ll be spending a few days next week riding the underground, seeing Big Ben, and attending the Managed Services World Congress. This is THE event for managed services, and that means that some of the best people in the industry will be there to share their stories and best practices, and to learn what’s new and exciting in managed services. Informa has brought in a line-up of stellar speakers and the two-day agenda includes speeches, panel discussions, and networking sessions. This year’s event will spend a significant amount of time focusing […]  More >>

Always Ask the Right Question

I love the book The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams. In the book, a group of hyper-intelligent beings ask a super-computer for “The Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything.” The computer takes seven and a half million years to provide an answer: 42. The beings were obviously disappointed, but at least they dared to ask a big question. The problem is that it wasn’t the right question. Explains the super-computer, “only when you know the question will you know what the answer means.” Software product and services development follows the same “right […]  More >>

It is all about customer satisfaction

On my recent trip to New York City, I decided it was high time to bite into the Big Apple. Sure, New York City is the epicenter for business, culture and shopping. But I’m not referring to that Big Apple. I wanted an iPhone 5. I found an Apple store in the Soho neighborhood, so I walked in and asked to purchase an iPhone. The sales rep on the floor sent me straight to the front desk, where I saw two more reps standing behind the counter. I didn’t see any computers, so I couldn’t understand how they would possibly […]  More >>

Managed Services: Why it makes sense to take on more

Even in the world of operational support systems (OSS), the times they are a’ changing. An increasing number of service providers are coming to the conclusion that aging systems, coupled with poor integration with other systems and the demand for new services and applications, are making it more and more difficult to cost-effectively manage OSS internally.  More >>

Shopping in China: From iPhones to Managed Services

Recently I had the opportunity to visit Asia Pacific for the first time in my life. I was really impressed by China, a country with amazing landscapes, history, culture and traditions. What surprised me a little bit is how much of a shopper’s paradise it is. I tried to visit an Apple store in Hong Kong and literally could not enter – it was PACKED with people buying new devices. I witnessed a true love of smartphones and spotted some beautiful and fancy phone cases. I started thinking about how although I had never been in China until that trip, […]  More >>

Informa: The Rise of Responsiveness in Managed Services

The other day I took a friend for coffee. We arrived at the front of the line to place our order rather quickly, when without warning (or even a single word to us) the cashier decided to SLOWLY count the coins and bills in his cash register and then replenish missing denominations. I tried to tell him that we needed to hurry back to work, but my pleas went unanswered. Needless to say, my friend and I weren’t very impressed with the cashier’s responsiveness and may not return to that coffee place. We live in an impatient society – customers […]  More >>

Bill Shock Shaming

Media outlets around the world jumped on the French service provider that erroneously asked a customer to pay more than 11 quadrillion euros ($15 quadrillion U.S.) for her monthly bill. Every service provider obviously wants to avoid that type of negative publicity, but the truth is that such mistakes sometimes happen. Unfortunately, billing mistakes harm a company’s relationship with customers, its brand and create churn. The good news is that billing gaffes like the one in France are mostly avoidable. Managed services vendors with the right tools and processes, as well as proven industry experience working with different types of […]  More >>

Outsourcing Brazil’s Carnival?

What comes to mind when you hear the word “Brazil?” Many people have told me that when they think about my native country, they immediately conjure up images of the Carnival. This joyous, flamboyant festival basically shuts down Brazil for a week and is indeed an enduring symbol for Brazil. Other people say they associate Brazil with samba, a distinctive style of singing and dancing that has been popular in the country for many decades. And I don’t mean to brag, but Brazil has had some pretty good football (if you are from America, you probably say “soccer”) players and […]  More >>
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Spend less revenue on IT, and boost your business

According to research conducted this year by Analysys Mason, service providers spent $130 billion on IT products, services and staff in 2010. With the total annual communication industry revenue at almost $2 trillion in 2010, that works out to about 7%. Some studies show that the target annual IT outlay should actually be closer to 4% of a service provider’s total revenue. So finding ways to minimize their actual IT spend seems to be a major challenge. Consider this: with each service provider spending tens or even hundreds of millions of dollars on IT-related costs (the research determined that 28 […]  More >>

Make your day count! Focus on your core business.

Running a smooth and lean IT operation is core to any service provider’s business. But it’s not their main business. Busy senior communications industry executives need to focus on marketing and sales, developing innovative lines of business, executing new strategies, reducing costs, and constantly keeping a few steps ahead of the fierce competition. But the reality is that too many senior managers are rerouted from their primary business focus by IT issues, both urgent and routine, which really aren’t their area of expertise. They are called upon to intervene when there’s a production crisis or a problem in the call […]  More >>