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Intersession Correlation – A Simple Way to Profit With VoLTE

Intersession Correlation might sound like a highly complex term, but its significance is not hard to grasp. Here’s an easy way to think about it: Without intersession correlation, network operators cannot easily charge for the innovative new services that LTE is now enabling. The value is obvious, yet many mobile providers continue to struggle with VoLTE monetization. The key question is why? When you look at the landscape of available mobile services today, you will see a growing number of mash-ups and applications that combine voice, video, images, file sharing, notifications and other services. This is true for both businesses […]  More >>

New Benchmarking Study Proves That VoLTE Can Really Deliver

It’s official: VoLTE is superior to traditional options when it comes to voice quality and performance – but don’t take our word for it. A recent VoLTE benchmarking study conducted by P3 Communications confirmed what many industry experts have been saying all along. Although the study was confined to the Washington DC area, it showed impressive VoLTE performance metrics among those carriers who had implemented the technology. In particular, all of the technological advantages of VoLTE cited by experts were borne out, including: Higher voice quality (thanks to HD audio) Faster setup times Fewer drops back down to older circuit-switched […]  More >>

5 Reasons Service Providers Adore VoLTE

Verizon Wireless, America’s (and one of the world’s) largest deployed 4G-LTE network was the latest US carrier to announce its Voice over LTE service is being offered nationwide. With the vast majority of Tier-1 operators now having chosen to go live with VoLTE services or invest in them, the world has definitely reached a turning point. How fast is VoLTE expected to grow? By 2016, it’s estimated that over 80 Communications Service Providers (CSPs) worldwide will have already deployed some VoLTE services. By 2018 the uptake of VoLTE smartphones is expected to exceed 50%. Why is VoLTE becoming so popular? […]  More >>

Why Should Businesses Get Excited for VoLTE?

One of the newest technology releases in the telecommunications spotlight is Voice over LTE (VoLTE), a voice and video service running on data networks, intended to replace legacy 2G/3G voice. From a technical and customer experience perspective, VoLTE is superior to legacy voice services thanks to added support for features such as crisp HD audio, short call setup times, and having the service integrated into the smartphone’s dialer. In addition, broader services, like Rich Communication Services (RCS) use VoLTE and are appealing to consumers. The Current State of VoLTE Despite its promise, VoLTE isn’t currently being rolled out as quickly […]  More >>

4 Killer Advantages of VoLTE Over OTT

As service providers around the world roll out the red carpet for VoLTE, it’s really no wonder they are rubbing their hands gleefully. What lies ahead is superior technology and the ability to help skyrocket customer satisfaction levels. Indeed, the features that VoLTE brings to the table – including HD audio and built-in video features, which are eagerly anticipated by subscribers bases across the globe – are beginning to look much more attractive than those of the OTT offerings currently available. Let’s take a closer look at four features that signal the birth of a new VoLTE era. Mashed-up services […]  More >>

Are you ready for the switch to 4G LTE?

Plenty of service providers (and their end-customers) have jumped on the 4G LTE bandwagon. As a result, two of the most immediate and noticeable changes we are seeing are the speed at which data services are running and high-definition voice quality. And that’s great…assuming that everything works as it should, and customers receive the quality of experience they were promised. But sadly, many 4G LTE implementations do not live up to expectations due to the challenges that lie within the core elements of these networks.  More >>

The PCRF with a Knockout Punch

Circuit-switched (CS) voice has had a great run, and withstood a number of challengers, but VoLTE is about to deliver the knockout punch…if PCRF can guarantee network quality   More >>