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Meet the Experts: Transforming networks with NFV and how it will impact the testing process

Mike Cooper continues his Meet the Expert series, talking to Amdocs’ Dr. Eyal Felstaine about NFV, ECOMP, and all things network  More >>

A Smart Place to Begin Your NFV Journey

Attracted by a wealth of benefits, service providers are gradually migrating towards Network Functions Virtualization (NFV). A recent HIS survey reveals that 35% of operators surveyed will deploy NFV this year in effort to virtualize networks. This is a long and tough process, as the deep transformations required by the migration requires lots of time and effort. Many times the technological transformations are simpler than organizational changes within service providers as the dividing lines between IT and network departments blur, mixing responsibilities and control scope and therefore disturbing long standing equilibriums. With most service providers having already completed the initial […]  More >>

Introduce Innovative New Services via Virtualization

In the not so distant past, service providers generated big revenues solely from voice-based services. There was little or no need for content creation since the technology to consume content was limited. Service providers therefore controlled the entire communications services market simply by providing the connections and the small content consumption and generation (MP3 ringtones, graphic backdrops, etc.). Service providers and OTTs – partners or competitors? With the advent of the smartphone, however, a growing migration began from voice-based to data-based services. Subscribers are now paying Over-The-Top (OTT) providers both to consume content (e.g. online betting) and for content generation […]  More >>

Virtualization – The Key to Enabling Innovation

Innovation is the fuel that powers the communication market. It leads to greater business agility, better service to subscribers, and peace of mind for service providers who seek to manage their charging systems and leverage them for monetization innovation. A tough legacy But innovating with a conventional legacy online charging system (OCS) is difficult. You need to create a full new hardware-based environment for each new business model or service introduction, with its entire procure-design-integrate-test-deploy cycle. With legacy systems, the time from test to scale production can take months, and operators are constantly worrying about integration, deployment and infrastructure management. […]  More >>

New in CES 9: 3 Technology Trends for Operational Peace of Mind

New in CES 9: 3 Technology Trends for Operational Peace of Mind Running major data centers is expensive. To survive, organizations such as communications service providers that run large-scale data centers must consistently adopt new technologies that reduce total cost of ownership (TCO). Those who lag behind in technology might quickly find themselves behind in business as well, priced out of the market as costs for managing and expanding their outdated systems spiral. But being the first to adopt new technologies is also risky. This is the data center manager’s dilemma: be conservative and risk falling behind, or adopt early […]  More >>