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Open Platforms Prescribed for Home-Health Monitoring

In the US alone, healthcare costs reached $2.6 trillion in 2010 of which 75 – 85 percent was spent on chronic condition care. Combine that with increased longevity and a global population of 9.3 billion by 2050 and the worldwide cost to treat the chronically ill and an aging population is staggering. Perhaps the cloud holds the answer to this looming crisis. As discussed in “How’s your (e)Health these days?”, wireless technology is now able to provide the secure and simple interactions required to connect multiple medical and non-medical monitoring devices to family, caregivers and medical personnel. And interestingly enough, […]  More >>

Is a faceoff with Facebook imminent?

For the past couple of years we have been regarding Google as the biggest potential OTT (or come from behind) threat to the traditional service providers. And deservedly so.  They had in essence become the internet, and were offering popular voice, chat and video content. They were augmenting that with fiber networks and talk of becoming an ISP. They beat the telecom industry to the mobile payment punch with their m-wallet. They had delivered the worlds most popular smartphone/tablet operating system and they even went out and bought a handset manufacturer. Oh, and all those fancy value-added services telecom operators are talking about – enterprise solutions, cloud? Check and Check. Oh, […]  More >>

Overcoming customer experience fragmentation

Service providers need to discover the right path for each customer at each fragment of the now broken lifecycle and offer new, personalized experiences. And this experience has to equal, if not exceed, the cool experience customers have come to expect from the likes of Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, Google and Apple. In other words, it has to be simple, real time, contextual, personal, and social. The key to success lies in successfully integrating over-the-top best practices with the assets unique to service providers: network data, customer data and product data. This creates a whole new scale of experiences that service providers […]  More >>

The Anywhere Customer

Today, we’re demanding not just 24/7 connectivity, but 24/7 connectivity anywhere we happen to be. With tablets, netbooks and even televisions providing ever-more connectivity and real-time interactivity on top of PCs and smartphones, the consumption of services from any application from any device from anywhere is rapidly increasing. I can even pay for a Starbucks coffee using my smartphone. And the dynamics of our consumption of services and apps is also changing. Activities once largely reserved for “home” use, such as downloading and watching video, have increased significantly on the mobile Internet.  Last year, according to Pingdom, 730 billion YouTube […]  More >>