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Mobile World Congress Roundup – Monday, March 2

What’s been going on at Mobile World Congress? Today was dominated by the big-hitters announcing handsets, mobile financial services, smartwatches, and Google announcing its very own mobile network.  More >>

Lenovo opens the door for the next billion smartphone customers

The good news for consumers about Lenovo’s decision to buy Motorola Mobility from Google for almost $3 billion is that this will mean more alternatives to Apple and Samsung when it comes to choosing a smartphone. The deal also gives Lenovo a foot in the door in the lucrative US smartphone market, which so far has proved hard for Lenovo to enter, despite it being a smartphone leader in China. The move mirrors Lenovo’s tactics in 2005, when it muscled its way into what was then the world’s largest PC market by buying IBM’s personal computer division.  More >>

Time to turn connected lifestyle technology into reality

While learning about all the new connected devices at CES (the annual consumer electronics show) in Las Vegas, I realized that almost every new product today connects to the network, either directly or via a smart device. You start to get the impression that new products that don’t connect to the network aren’t really that innovative or cutting edge. Though visions for connected home and an always-on world have been discussed for several years, we’re finally arriving at a reality where more and more network-connected products are actually available to consumers. Seems that it’s just a matter of time before […]  More >>