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Why Consistency is Key in the Age of Omni-Channel Access

Today, everyone is on the go and connected via multiple devices. And the ability to access bills from multiple channels at any place and time is a major factor impacting customer satisfaction. Omni-channel access answers the need for consistency across the different channels. Different channels, different tasks In a recent study, Google found that people navigate back and forth between their devices throughout the day to accomplish their tasks. And not surprisingly, they found that reason for this is that each channel is convenient in certain situations, but a hassle in others. For example, while your mobile phone may be […]  More >>

How To Change the Lives of Your Digital and Paper-Loving Customers

Mr. Paper wakes up every morning to the sound of his radio alarm clock, and enjoys nothing more than unfolding his freshly delivered newspaper, catching up on the headlines beside a bowl of cornflakes garnished with thinly sliced pieces of banana. Once he’s caught up on the latest news, a quick glance at his leather-bound diary confirms his schedule for the day ahead. But then, as he proceeds to open up his snail mail, he furrows his brow seriously as he attempts to fathom just what he’s been charged for on his phone plan… Mrs. Digital wakes up every morning […]  More >>

3 Reasons Digital Bills Will Transform Your Customer Experience

With service provider-customer interactions typically focused around three main areas – sign-ups, support, and sending bills – it may come as no surprise that it’s often the bill that leaves customers more than a little frustrated. Without a doubt, bills are the pain point for many customers, who often take a negative view towards their monthly interaction with their service provider. Let’s face it: there’s nothing more annoying than having to call your service provider and go through a lengthy “on hold” process to finally end up analyzing any “surprises” on your bill with an often less-than-enthusiastic support rep… And […]  More >>

Building a Better Bill

Pop quiz. What do service providers consider to be their most important channel for reaching their customers? Think about it for a minute. To the few of you who said monthly bill, well done. And for the rest of you who are scratching your head now, here’s why. Monthly bills give service providers 12 opportunities a year to make a good impression on their customers and communicate value as well as information about new products and services.  Maybe even recommendations for different plans that can help customers either increase their level of service, or find a plan that makes more […]  More >>