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Getting Ready for the On-Demand Digital Economy

Amdocs CES 10.1Amdocs CES 10.1 enhances our previous CES 10 offering. We’ve accelerated Digital, building in real-time contextualization, artificial intelligence, and flexible interactive billing options.  More >>

Still trying to ride your old bike?

Networks have grown exponentially over the past few years, but network planning hasn’t kept up. Service providers need an end-to-end project orchestration system for network rollouts.   More >>

Orchestrate your way to a better network

Networks today are growing faster than ever before, driven by the unprecedented demand for more capacity, better coverage and faster speeds. However, service providers are having a hard time planning for the massive growth in networks using their existing tools. The answer lies in end-to-end project orchestration for planning, designing, building and modernizing mobile and fixed networks.  More >>

Challenges of the Hyper-Connected World

Today, Amdocs announced the release of CES 9.2, our latest suite of solutions designed to help service providers “succeed in the hyper-connected world”. But what exactly is the hyper-connected world, and what are the new challenges it brings? It’s not new that we’re living a connected world. But it’s getting a lot more connected very quickly. Only 394 million people worldwide had Internet access in the year 2000. Today, that number stands at nearly 3 billion. And it’s not only people who are connecting more. 16 billion devices are currently communicating through the network, and that’s expected to reach 50 billion by 2020. Together, man and machine are ushering in a hyper-connected world.  More >>

Self-optimizing networks, the starting point not the destination

Self-optimizing mobile networks are already here and have been deployed by a number of forward looking operators. Subscribers’ insatiable appetite to consume vast amounts of online content means the demand for bandwidth will only continue to grow. To ensure that consumer demand and expectations are met, the next evolutionary step will be for fully automated self-managed networks.   More >>

Is network coverage at the golf course a priority?

Man on laptop at golfcourseElizabeth Bavin argues that network coverage at the gold course should be a priority for service providers – if differentiating on corporate network experience matters to your business.   More >>

Radio access networks, the true home of customer experience management

With the widespread introduction of self-optimizing network (SON) features within the radio access network (RAN), customer experience measurements are rapidly shifting toward the more relevant metric of active customer experience improvement. Operators who have implemented SON, and especially centralized SON (C-SON), have seen impressive gains in their network performance resulting in enriched customer experiences. They have seen greater than 15 percent improvement in capacity utilization and over 20 percent improvement in dropped call rate, typically within a few hours or days after SON installation.  More >>

The explosive rise of self-optimizing networks

Explosive rise of SONThe network has moved to the heart of the customer experience. Self-optimizing networks are growing explosively, due to their strong and valuable set of benefits that are almost instantly measurable in live deployments.  More >>

Carriers Just Wanna Have Fun

Carriers want to evolve their network to the next xG in the most cost effective manner so profits are high, subscriber churn is low and their cost of operations goes down. The key to moving forward is to leverage assets common to all xG networks and consider this a platform while changing out the “front end” to enable the latest xG access technology.  More >>

2014: The year of SON

With Mobile World Congress only a few weeks away, a new acronym is likely to be on the lips of infrastructure vendors and third-party software companies in Barcelona: SON. SON, or self-optimizing networks, has become an important consideration for mobile operators because almost all the headaches that operators face, both from an investment and customer satisfaction perspective, relate to network performance. From macro-level issues costing hundreds of millions of dollars, such as when to upgrade a network, to less costly but equally important issues of day-to-day efficiency, the network is at the forefront of the operator’s mind. For example, what impact will a new business park in a certain area have on subscriber performance? Where are networks most congested? When? And how can that be resolved?   More >>