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Wi-Fi In The Clouds

shutterstock_572799733I’d never heard of the cloud the first time I used it. I was writing a paper for one of my marketing classes, but didn’t have time to finish it before heading off to school. I didn’t have any disks available, and so, in a moment of desperation, I emailed the document to my Yahoo account. It was simple, painless, and ensured that when I arrived at school, I could open the document and continue working on it from the university computer lab. Though I didn’t have the vocabulary at the time, it was a seamless cloud experience, and one […]  More >>

From Virtual Hype to Reality in Action

Amdocs CES 10This year’s Mobile World Congress certainly crossed into a new paradigm on a number of different dimensions: Size: With attendees crossing the 100,000 barrier for the first time, it’s clear our industry has dramatically evolved. Mobile and beyond: MWC has expanded beyond telecom, and while the fusion into other industries such as automobile or mobile health is not new, this year it became all pervasive, highlighted by the conference’s bold tagline: “mobile is everything.” From innovation to (virtual) reality: Innovation is a given at MWC, so what really drew attention this year was the focus on 5G, real IoT use […]  More >>

The Digital Store at MWC

shutterstock_200443334We’re getting back into the digital retail business at Amdocs. After “selling” thousands of cups of coffee in last year’s foray into the Amdocs Mobile World Congress Café, we’ve upped the experience, and this year, you can use your phone to “buy” headphones, selfie sticks and even digital content at the Amdocs Digital Store. After downloading our app into your phone, you’ll be given 15 euros to spend. However, you can increase your available balance by using the app and experiencing different mobile money scenarios, such as paying your bills or lending money. You’ll order and “pay” for goods on […]  More >>

Digital Dimensions – Changing the Way Service Providers and Customers Engage

shutterstock_372654757We envision a service provider ecosystem that offers an omni-channel experience for customers. It’s a system that gives customers the opportunity to move, unassisted, through whichever channel the customer wants, and makes it easy for the customer to engage with the service provider should the need arise. It requires service providers to engage with their customers in a digital manner, and provide the customer experience that they crave.  More >>

Mobile World Congress Roundup – Monday, March 2

MWCWhat’s been going on at Mobile World Congress? Today was dominated by the big-hitters announcing handsets, mobile financial services, smartwatches, and Google announcing its very own mobile network.  More >>

Network congested? Maybe your customers can help…

Customers expect great service no matter where they go, or when they go there. But it’s not always simple for mobile service providers to meet that expectation. Even as service providers invest in building out their networks to support growing mobile data demands and faster speeds, they find themselves unable to provide quality service to all their customers during peak times and in highly populated areas, such as subway stations or busy downtown districts.  More >>

Delivering new services made easy at last

Communications customers today have countless choices – a wide range of new services and multi-play bundles that they can purchase where, and from whom they wish. But behind the scenes, making life easy for customers who want new services is not so simple. Service providers must deliver everything seamlessly while performing the delicate balancing act of growing revenues and ensuring a great customer experience.  More >>

Is consistent service across channels just a pipedream?

customerHave you ever seen a great new offer for a mobile service package advertised on TV, but when you went online to your account to take advantage of the offer, it wasn’t available? Well, it just happened to me again. Frustrated, I switched to my laptop and found the offer – but the sign-up process looked completely different to what I’m used to. Why is it so difficult to get the same look and feel from my service provider when using different channels? Whatever happened to the idea of a consistent user experience?  More >>

The 5 Dont’s of Reducing Time to Market

Time-to-market "Don'ts," like fashion "Don'ts" should be avoided at all costsWhen aiming to improve the Time to Market factor in releasing new offers, there are five major elements that should be carefully examined. Falling prey to any of the following could mean the difference between timely offers, and a big pile of nothing. The question is, are any of these avoidable? And if so, how? Size IS Everything Check the size of your portfolio. Too many products and services blur the distinctive nature of a new offering, and weigh it down. These days, it’s not unusual for service providers to have over 450 distinct products and services in their portfolios, […]  More >>