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The Digital Store at MWC

We’re getting back into the digital retail business at Amdocs. After “selling” thousands of cups of coffee in last year’s foray into the Amdocs Mobile World Congress Café, we’ve upped the experience, and this year, you can use your phone to “buy” headphones, selfie sticks and even digital content at the Amdocs Digital Store. After downloading our app into your phone, you’ll be given 15 euros to spend. However, you can increase your available balance by using the app and experiencing different mobile money scenarios, such as paying your bills or lending money. You’ll order and “pay” for goods on […]  More >>

Indosat-Alfamart MFS Partnership Goes Live

Earlier today Amdocs MFS participated in a signing ceremony, kicking off a newly formed partnership between Indosat and Alfamart. We are pleased to support Indosat as one of our key customers in helping them build an effective ecosystem with our mobile money platform and services. We look forward to watching how this newly formed partnership continues to grow the MFS ecosystem in key markets in Indonesia and other markets across APAC. The deal is a win-win deal for both companies. Indosat will increase its mobile financial services presence across the country, while Alfamart will presumably benefit through additional fees and […]  More >>

The Disappearing C-Note and the World of Mobile Financial Services

Branchless banking, microfinance and mobile commerce have all become part of our daily lexicon, and the marketplace is finally receptive to payment service providers launching and scaling their mobile services. From the 2.5 billion unbanked, to the millennial disruptors who crave doing anything with their phone, mobile money is rapidly being adopted.  More >>

All in on mobile financial services

Sharath Dorbala makes his mobile money predictions after spending time at Mobile Money Asia.  More >>