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A “C” Change for Customer Experience

shutterstock_214059682It’s time for service providers to dust off those old office floor plans, and start adding a few more corner suites to their skyscrapers. According to a recent Telesperience survey, the most common new C-Suite occupant is the chief customer experience officer (followed, in the survey, by chief commercial activities and chief innovation officers), and those service providers who don’t have a Head of Customer Experience in place are looking to install one by 2020. The new customer experience chiefs will be responsible for leading company strategy around customer relationships, focusing on delivering consistent experiences across all interaction channels. And as […]  More >>

Don’t order the spaghetti

Legacy blogTo keep pace with the market, service providers need to ensure their IT systems are kept up to speed to support growing business demands. But as any CTO will tell you, this is easier said than done. Some of the biggest challenges relate to deeply entrenched legacy systems. According to a recent Coleman Parkes survey, four out of five service providers believe their legacy systems are holding them back, while almost two-thirds say they have a medium to heavy legacy presence in their IT landscape. Usually, when it comes to legacy systems, the older it is, the more it resembles […]  More >>

Service providers want it all, but is that a bad thing?

SP want it all blogSenior executives in the industry are feeling the pressure: services are becoming increasingly commoditized, competition from over-the-top (OTT) providers is growing and at the same time, customer demands are becoming increasingly insatiable. In such an environment, crucial changes need to be made if service providers are to differentiate themselves and compete effectively. From virtualizing the network to acquiring the means to provide a full digital experience, service providers want to achieve it all. And they want to do it fast, in the best way and with minimal cost. But is this all just a pipe dream? To be able to […]  More >>

Business value: can IT be seen?

business value“IT organizations that don’t use metrics to show the business value of the services being provided will see reduced budgets, potentially resulting in reductions in personnel”  – Gartner With the all the complexities and challenges facing our industry, it’s no wonder service provider executives are constantly brainstorming for the best strategies to become more agile and cost efficient. Doing so is the only way to ensure they have the ability to rapidly release new services to the market and maintain high levels of competitiveness. It’s also clear that more and more IT executives are striving to align their organization’s goals […]  More >>

Managed Services: Where The Value Is

Driving value from managed servicesPicture a global service provider trying to respond to a new offer by a competitor in the market. The business execs argue for the need to launch a new service within five weeks to reduce the chance of losing customers. However, IT claims that it will take six months to support the new offer. The result, is a lose-lose situation for all. While the concept of “outsourcing” has been around for a long time, its meaning has evolved considerably over the past few years. In our industry, outsourcing or managed services was once a means for providing a “your mess for less” proposition, where […]  More >>

Getting the blood flowing through the BSS stack

The BSS system is critical to the health of the service providerIf the BSS is the body’s circulatory system, its heart –the most mission critical organ – is their customer management and billing systems. And ever since Dr. Willem Einthoven first recorded a human EKG in 1903, people have been consulting their cardiologist, rather than their family doctor, whenever they have a problem with their heart. So, who should a service provider consult with when the core of their operations is off balance? A recent OVUM report on managed services for BSS applications offered guidance on the key capabilities vendors need to effectively deal with the heart of service providers’ IT […]  More >>

One catch-up meeting, two coffees and three tips for managed services

The perfect dessert for brainstorming about managed servicesA conversation over coffee leads to three tips for service providers when selecting a managed services supplier.  More >>

Back to London for More Managed Services

Looking forward to the thrills of Managed Services World Congress in LondonThis year’s Managed Services World Congress has great speakers and case studies, including Amdocs’ Yoav Guez, and the Vodafone Germany – Amdocs managed services journey.  More >>