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How NFV and LTE are forces to be reckoned with

Sure, we all know that LTE technology is a solid network technology that streamlines infrastructure, reduces costs and improves the quality of the offerings network providers can provide to their subscribers. But what’s really interesting is how network functions virtualization (NFV) will make it even greater. Here’s my take on popular recent articles focusing on LTE and how NFV will enhance it: The increasing popularity of LTE Since the uptake of global LTE network deployments in 2014, the popularity of LTE networks has grown significantly. In this article from Telecoms.com, Tim Skinner outlines the growth of LTE-Advanced (LTE-A) and VoLTE […]  More >>

Virtualization – The Key to Enabling Innovation

Innovation is the fuel that powers the communication market. It leads to greater business agility, better service to subscribers, and peace of mind for service providers who seek to manage their charging systems and leverage them for monetization innovation. A tough legacy But innovating with a conventional legacy online charging system (OCS) is difficult. You need to create a full new hardware-based environment for each new business model or service introduction, with its entire procure-design-integrate-test-deploy cycle. With legacy systems, the time from test to scale production can take months, and operators are constantly worrying about integration, deployment and infrastructure management. […]  More >>

Are you ready for the switch to 4G LTE?

Plenty of service providers (and their end-customers) have jumped on the 4G LTE bandwagon. As a result, two of the most immediate and noticeable changes we are seeing are the speed at which data services are running and high-definition voice quality. And that’s great…assuming that everything works as it should, and customers receive the quality of experience they were promised. But sadly, many 4G LTE implementations do not live up to expectations due to the challenges that lie within the core elements of these networks.  More >>

We Won Prestigious LTE Product Award!

Amdocs Smart Cell Placement solution was recognized for its advanced network analytics, receiving the Best Test/Measurement LTE Product award from Telecoms.com.   More >>

Carriers Just Wanna Have Fun

Carriers want to evolve their network to the next xG in the most cost effective manner so profits are high, subscriber churn is low and their cost of operations goes down. The key to moving forward is to leverage assets common to all xG networks and consider this a platform while changing out the “front end” to enable the latest xG access technology.  More >>