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Keeping Pace with the Internet of Things

The exciting possibilities which the Internet of Things (IoT) have already delivered and those which it promises are helping drive a growth in connected devices at an accelerating rate. By 2020, Gartner expects the total number of IoT devices to reach almost 21 billion and a joint report by DHL and Cisco expects this number to be as high as 50 billion. With such growth, how can traditional Telco’s and Communication Service Providers (CSPs) maintain pace with and nurture the industry? I talked with Adrian Ugoni from our Services and Solutions group, for his view. Arye Zacks: The Internet of Things […]  More >>

Digital Spring

It’s nearly April, and Spring is in the air. It’s a time of transition, from the deep freeze of winter into the rebirth of a new year. For service providers, digital opportunities represents a Spring of their own, a time and opportunity when they can revamp their business model and reinvent the way they do business (for example by introducing new services like IoT services, or by increasing automation or exposure their capabilities to third-party partners) and their relationship with customers (for example by providing an Omni-channel experience). Transitions are often exciting, but stressful. The digital transition can be especially […]  More >>

The Critical Role of IoT Service Providers

When consumers think about the Internet of Things, perhaps they think about a SmartHome, with all their appliances, lights and security tools embedded into a single application on their phone. Others imagine medical devices that help them stay in constant control of an elderly parent’s health situation, while some might envision a smart city that communicates where the nearest available parking spot is located. And while these apps seem to function easily for the consumer, there is a critical role being played by the IoT service provider to maintain the illusion of simplicity. Take the connected car, for example. Car […]  More >>

Where is the IoT Revenue Opportunity

The Internet of Things (IoT) challenge is intensifying. New services, devices, apps and technologies reach the market at a growing pace, adding complexity to the task of monetizing and managing them. Meanwhile, the success of Connected X/IoT partially hinges on providing a seamless customer experience, with simplified bundling at the forefront of this challenge. Who will manage all of these connected devices? Who will provide the integrated billing, charging, operational support, and data analytics that will not only enable seamless services, but allow a return on network capital investments, which makes all these services possible? Service providers are uniquely positioned […]  More >>

How Sweet M2M is…Horizontally

Jelly beansIt’s time that the M2M platform industry focuses on horizontal capabilities. M2M application components will become increasingly productized as the overall M2M application development environment evolves.  More >>

How Sweet M2M Is

Kid in a candy shopM2M is here. It’s generating big revenues and endless opportunities. However, the focus has been on increasing application deployment efficiency, and not on development of IoT-style applications.   More >>