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Where is the IoT Revenue Opportunity

The Internet of Things (IoT) challenge is intensifying. New services, devices, apps and technologies reach the market at a growing pace, adding complexity to the task of monetizing and managing them. Meanwhile, the success of Connected X/IoT partially hinges on providing a seamless customer experience, with simplified bundling at the forefront of this challenge. Who will manage all of these connected devices? Who will provide the integrated billing, charging, operational support, and data analytics that will not only enable seamless services, but allow a return on network capital investments, which makes all these services possible? Service providers are uniquely positioned […]  More >>

How Sweet M2M is…Horizontally

Jelly beansIt’s time that the M2M platform industry focuses on horizontal capabilities. M2M application components will become increasingly productized as the overall M2M application development environment evolves.  More >>

How Sweet M2M Is

Kid in a candy shopM2M is here. It’s generating big revenues and endless opportunities. However, the focus has been on increasing application deployment efficiency, and not on development of IoT-style applications.   More >>

Things I Saw at Israel’s “Internet of Things” Conference

Israel’s first Internet of Things conference had wearables, wifi devices, bluetooth devices, and something for everyone. With 50 billion devices expected to connect in the coming years, you can bet there is a lot of room to grow.  More >>

On my way to the Internet of Things

This Wednesday Amdocs will be at the first Internet of Things conference in Israel. The conference, which will take place in Tel Aviv, will feature speakers from around the world, talking about connected cars, wearables, 3D printed, and more, in a M2M world.  More >>

The Machine Era is Here… Are you Ready?

Set in fictional Orbit City in the year 2062, The Jetsons foretold, sometimes tongue-in-cheek, of a futuristic world where smart machines handled the day-to-day activities of George and his family. This 1960’s cartoon featured many things we take for granted, including mobile phones, the Internet, video conferencing and even connected devices that are just hitting our radar, such as Home Health Monitoring and the Connected Home. Described as a phenomenon, machine-to-machine (M2M) communication is part of a larger initiative to create an “Internet of Things”; a global and ubiquitous network that extends smart connectivity to encompass everyday objects, such as […]  More >>