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Lenovo opens the door for the next billion smartphone customers

The good news for consumers about Lenovo’s decision to buy Motorola Mobility from Google for almost $3 billion is that this will mean more alternatives to Apple and Samsung when it comes to choosing a smartphone. The deal also gives Lenovo a foot in the door in the lucrative US smartphone market, which so far has proved hard for Lenovo to enter, despite it being a smartphone leader in China. The move mirrors Lenovo’s tactics in 2005, when it muscled its way into what was then the world’s largest PC market by buying IBM’s personal computer division.  More >>

Looking Through the PRISM: Three Customer Data Lessons

The controversial PRISM program, a secret electronic surveillance effort led by the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) that allegedly included collecting information about private citizens, has dominated the news lately, especially in America and Europe. One might assume that the major business take-away from PRISM is that consumers will zealously guard their privacy and that customer data is largely off limits. But a surprising global survey (conducted by market research firm Coleman Parkes on behalf of Amdocs) of 3,900 consumers actually found that many people are more than willing to share their data with service providers, if they perceive value […]  More >>

Is a faceoff with Facebook imminent?

For the past couple of years we have been regarding Google as the biggest potential OTT (or come from behind) threat to the traditional service providers. And deservedly so.  They had in essence become the internet, and were offering popular voice, chat and video content. They were augmenting that with fiber networks and talk of becoming an ISP. They beat the telecom industry to the mobile payment punch with their m-wallet. They had delivered the worlds most popular smartphone/tablet operating system and they even went out and bought a handset manufacturer. Oh, and all those fancy value-added services telecom operators are talking about – enterprise solutions, cloud? Check and Check. Oh, […]  More >>