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Getting from lead to order: the B2B challenge

Imagine yourself as a sales rep working for a large service provider who’s trying to get established in the enterprise market. Armed with your iPad, you confidently sit down with the customer to close a lucrative deal for a multi-site private connectivity solution. Then reality hits. The customer now wants a customized solution with capabilities that fall outside your standard offerings. They also need quality of service (QoS) levels to which you are unable to commit. And if you agree, what would your fulfillment and build-out costs be? More importantly, could it end up a money-losing deal? Hiding your pessimism, […]  More >>

A better way to connect

Earlier today, I went to Old Navy’s app to buy some t-shirts and jeans for my son. Immediately upon entering the app, I was asked if I want to visit the nearby store, as there are some promotions that are available only in the store. The app knew where I was and offered me relevant options. Contrast that with the experience I usually get when I look at my service provider’s site. I see offers that don’t apply to me, and bundled packages that I am not qualified for. To make matters worse, when I start to make a purchase, […]  More >>

Data Empowerment – More than a tool, it’s a way of doing business

Data Empowerment means taking every activity that a service provider is involved with, and making it more effective and smarter with big data. It applies to business offerings and promotions directed at end users, and optimizing networks based on real-time actual data. Successful data usage is both insight-based and predictive, and touches every element of the service provider’s business.  More >>

Service Agility – In all the right places

My service provider lacked the service agility needed to provide extra network coverage in the stadium. For myself and many of the other 82,000 fans, this was a missed opportunity for service providers to provide an exceptional experience, which would further develop brand loyalty, and left me wondering which service provider I could switch to that would be able to accommodate my needs for always connected high-speed service.  More >>

Diversified Business – Opening up new lines of revenue

We believe that within five years from now, service providers will see over 30% of their revenue coming from digital services, and that more than half their portfolio will come from services that have been around for less than 3 years. Service providers have to act now to take advantage of this digital revolution.  More >>

Digital Dimensions – Changing the Way Service Providers and Customers Engage

We envision a service provider ecosystem that offers an omni-channel experience for customers. It’s a system that gives customers the opportunity to move, unassisted, through whichever channel the customer wants, and makes it easy for the customer to engage with the service provider should the need arise. It requires service providers to engage with their customers in a digital manner, and provide the customer experience that they crave.  More >>

Experience Now

Instant gratification, one of the hallmarks of the millennial generation, has reshaped retail markets, and it is impacting service providers as well. Consumers and business customers expect immediacy in almost every interaction of their lives, and the principle holds true when it comes to connectivity.   More >>