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Getting Ready for the On-Demand Digital Economy

Amdocs CES 10.1Amdocs CES 10.1 enhances our previous CES 10 offering. We’ve accelerated Digital, building in real-time contextualization, artificial intelligence, and flexible interactive billing options.  More >>

When Digital Goes Wrong: Lessons from Revenue Assurance

Many communications service providers are in a hurry to “go digital”. They’re working to better empower customers, improve their experience, increase satisfaction and loyalty, launch new products and services faster, ensure easy adoption and consumption – all while reducing operational costs. Many have embarked on extensive transformation projects to become true digital service providers. But going digital is not only about being able to offer cool new services, it is about customer centricity. It is about ensuring excellent, seamless customer journeys and interactions excellent. And it doesn’t always go as planned.  More >>

The digital transformers: more than meets the eye!

digital transformersThe digital era is here. And already, service provider executives are recognizing that their customers want to be inspired by a constant drum of new services, and have them delivered in an intelligent manner through personalization and contextualization. But they also recognize that in order to satisfy this demand, their IT ecosystems and business processes will need to undergo a significant transformation. But what about the executives themselves? Will they too, need to undergo a transformation of their own? According to a recent survey conducted by industry analysts Telesperience amongst senior executives from the world’s 100 largest service providers, the […]  More >>

Serving the enterprise market: more than just a mouse click

order-to-activationDigital is hot. And in our industry, more and more, everything is about “digital transformation”. But what does that actually mean? In a nutshell, we could loosely define it as “the transformation of processes, in order to rebuild them around experience, rather than functionality.” If you had to nominate a flag bearer for the digital transformation, arguably, it would have to be Apple, who with its introduction of the iPhone, ushered in the current era of ultra-connectivity. Then, hot on their heels came the newer generations of consumer-focused companies such as Amazon, Zappos and Uber, with their own brand of […]  More >>

Doing Great During Good Deeds Month!

“We wanted to raise the bar, and expose more employees to the act of giving,” Idit Duvdevany, Head of Amdocs Corporate Social Responsibility team, told me, as we talked about Amdocs Good Deeds Month. Over the past month, Amdocs employees did just that. Employees organized charitable events, from toy drives in London to food drives in Israel. There was a blood drive in Cyprus and female empowerment efforts in India. Over 1,500 employees took part on more than 350 activities. One of the most exciting took place in Gurgaon, India, where we organized an industry visit for youth enrolled with […]  More >>

Digital Spring

It’s nearly April, and Spring is in the air. It’s a time of transition, from the deep freeze of winter into the rebirth of a new year. For service providers, digital opportunities represents a Spring of their own, a time and opportunity when they can revamp their business model and reinvent the way they do business (for example by introducing new services like IoT services, or by increasing automation or exposure their capabilities to third-party partners) and their relationship with customers (for example by providing an Omni-channel experience). Transitions are often exciting, but stressful. The digital transition can be especially […]  More >>

Service providers want to become digital. So why haven’t they?

StairsLast month my colleague Sharon Alalouf shared some surprising trends that we discovered through an IDC survey. The survey showed that “the majority of respondents believe one of the main enablers needed to drive digital transformation is having a clear, cross-organization digital strategy. Moreover, 77% of them believe not having a strategy is a barrier hurting their ability to progress their transformation. Despite this, almost half (46%) of service providers don`t have a clear a digital transformation strategy in place.” Many service providers are taking their first critical steps toward becoming a digital business. Most are ensuring that they can […]  More >>

Digital Transformation? More like a slow evolution

“CSPs (communication service providers) can no longer rely on traditional business models or legacy IT systems in their evolution towards becoming DSPs (digital service providers),” wrote Jennifer Kyriakakis in a September 2014 article for Light Reading. Last May, my colleague Guy Hilton wrote “The CSPs of today will need to transition and evolve into the DSPs of tomorrow.” It’s clear that a digital transformation is coming, but we wanted to understand, after reading about this digital transformation for almost two years, why it’s taking so long to firmly grip the industry. To get a better understanding of where service providers […]  More >>