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When Digital Goes Wrong: Lessons from Revenue Assurance

Many communications service providers are in a hurry to “go digital”. They’re working to better empower customers, improve their experience, increase satisfaction and loyalty, launch new products and services faster, ensure easy adoption and consumption – all while reducing operational costs. Many have embarked on extensive transformation projects to become true digital service providers. But going digital is not only about being able to offer cool new services, it is about customer centricity. It is about ensuring excellent, seamless customer journeys and interactions excellent. And it doesn’t always go as planned.  More >>

Entertainment that works

This is the first in a series looking at Amdocs recent acquisitions of Vindicia, Pontis and Brite:Bill The golden glow of entertainment services has been flickering before service providers’ eyes for years. Seeking to replace commoditized lines of business, such as voice and messaging, they have been busily searching for additional lines of business. Recent acquisitions by AT&T, Comcast and Vodafone of pay TV companies DirecTV, NBC and Kabel Deutschland, were at least partially driven by the need to mine new revenue streams. However, now that they have acquired a rich treasure chest of entertainment content, they need innovative ways […]  More >>

Digital Spring

It’s nearly April, and Spring is in the air. It’s a time of transition, from the deep freeze of winter into the rebirth of a new year. For service providers, digital opportunities represents a Spring of their own, a time and opportunity when they can revamp their business model and reinvent the way they do business (for example by introducing new services like IoT services, or by increasing automation or exposure their capabilities to third-party partners) and their relationship with customers (for example by providing an Omni-channel experience). Transitions are often exciting, but stressful. The digital transition can be especially […]  More >>

Experience Now

Instant gratification, one of the hallmarks of the millennial generation, has reshaped retail markets, and it is impacting service providers as well. Consumers and business customers expect immediacy in almost every interaction of their lives, and the principle holds true when it comes to connectivity.   More >>

Connectivity through the ages – Introducing Amdocs CES 9.3

Yesterday Amdocs launched CES 9.3, our latest portfolio bringing the New World of Customer Experience to life for service providers. Anat Ben Yaakov looks at connectivity, and what this new portfolio offers service providers.   More >>

Is consistent service across channels just a pipedream?

Have you ever seen a great new offer for a mobile service package advertised on TV, but when you went online to your account to take advantage of the offer, it wasn’t available? Well, it just happened to me again. Frustrated, I switched to my laptop and found the offer – but the sign-up process looked completely different to what I’m used to. Why is it so difficult to get the same look and feel from my service provider when using different channels? Whatever happened to the idea of a consistent user experience?  More >>

Challenges of the Hyper-Connected World

Today, Amdocs announced the release of CES 9.2, our latest suite of solutions designed to help service providers “succeed in the hyper-connected world”. But what exactly is the hyper-connected world, and what are the new challenges it brings? It’s not new that we’re living a connected world. But it’s getting a lot more connected very quickly. Only 394 million people worldwide had Internet access in the year 2000. Today, that number stands at nearly 3 billion. And it’s not only people who are connecting more. 16 billion devices are currently communicating through the network, and that’s expected to reach 50 billion by 2020. Together, man and machine are ushering in a hyper-connected world.  More >>

The digital lifestyle starts and stops with customer experience

Eight years ago, customers expected a web page to load in eight seconds or fewer. In 2012, that time was whittled down to just two seconds, with each additional second of loading time costing the site a 16% decrease in customer satisfaction and 7% loss in sales conversion. And customer expectations continue to increase dramatically, changing the game for service providers. Providers understand that to maintain their customer base in the digital lifestyle era, they must provide an exceptional customer experience at every interaction. The digital lifestyle encompasses a never-ending series of customer experiences. Today’s customer expects crystal-clear conversations, regardless […]  More >>

Read my mind – it’s not that difficult

I recently moved apartments, and dealing with the movers was bad enough. What was even more irritating was trying to move my communications package – TV, broadband, and landline – to my new home. Service providers using big data analytics can predict such situations and the likelihood of order fallout or cancellation. They can then use these predictive insights to help streamline business processes and drive better customer experiences and efficiencies.  More >>

The big data experience

Big data – it’s everywhere! You can’t help hearing about it. Providing deep insight into a lot of data, it improves healthcare, science, research, operational performance; the list goes on and on. How can service providers leverage big data to improve customer experience?  More >>