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Connectivity through the ages – Introducing Amdocs CES 9.3

Yesterday Amdocs launched CES 9.3, our latest portfolio bringing the New World of Customer Experience to life for service providers. Anat Ben Yaakov looks at connectivity, and what this new portfolio offers service providers.   More >>

Time to turn connected lifestyle technology into reality

While learning about all the new connected devices at CES (the annual consumer electronics show) in Las Vegas, I realized that almost every new product today connects to the network, either directly or via a smart device. You start to get the impression that new products that don’t connect to the network aren’t really that innovative or cutting edge. Though visions for connected home and an always-on world have been discussed for several years, we’re finally arriving at a reality where more and more network-connected products are actually available to consumers. Seems that it’s just a matter of time before […]  More >>

InTouch 2012: Profit from the Connected Home

77% of consumers want to be able to remotely connect to their homes in order to monitor against intrusions and fires, more efficiently manage home energy consumption and care remotely care for the elderly. Many service providers are launching connected home offerings as the new quintuple play to add customer value, drive revenues and improve long term retention. Connected home represents a new major business opportunity for service providers, who can increase their consumers APRU by $10 to $15 per month, while improving their subscribers stickiness. Amdocs InTouch in Miami next week is a great place to learn how we […]  More >>

Overcoming customer experience fragmentation

Service providers need to discover the right path for each customer at each fragment of the now broken lifecycle and offer new, personalized experiences. And this experience has to equal, if not exceed, the cool experience customers have come to expect from the likes of Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, Google and Apple. In other words, it has to be simple, real time, contextual, personal, and social. The key to success lies in successfully integrating over-the-top best practices with the assets unique to service providers: network data, customer data and product data. This creates a whole new scale of experiences that service providers […]  More >>

Losing the hold on the customer

In the not-so-distant past, service providers used to have full control over the customer experience lifecycle. But now, over-the-top providers, niche app vendors, general retailers and others have all moved in to enhance the customer experience lifecycle. Today’s consumers benefit from a wide selection of offers and possibilities and are more empowered than ever. They have the freedom to design their own personalized customer experience path. For example, when buying a mobile phone, instead of just going to their service provider’s local outlet to evaluate phones and plans, today’s customer might first go online to compare phones, check out professional […]  More >>

The Anywhere Customer

Today, we’re demanding not just 24/7 connectivity, but 24/7 connectivity anywhere we happen to be. With tablets, netbooks and even televisions providing ever-more connectivity and real-time interactivity on top of PCs and smartphones, the consumption of services from any application from any device from anywhere is rapidly increasing. I can even pay for a Starbucks coffee using my smartphone. And the dynamics of our consumption of services and apps is also changing. Activities once largely reserved for “home” use, such as downloading and watching video, have increased significantly on the mobile Internet.  Last year, according to Pingdom, 730 billion YouTube […]  More >>

We’re in it together

We all need one another. That’s the message I finally heard last week at Mobile World Congress.  Listening (for hours on end!) to developers, speakers from giants like Google and Microsoft as well as executives at top service providers from Latin America to Asia, I got the same feeling from every speaker. They finally realized that  in our ecosystem, just like in any other ecosystem, every player matters. Players need each other to overcome fragmentation and push the industry forward towards the new opportunities the connected world offers. All the speakers I heard agreed that this is a platform play, […]  More >>

Everybody loves connected devices…well almost everybody

Having recently returned from CES, I was amongst the tens of thousands of people drooling over the thousands of consumer electronic devices on display. What is immediately noticeable at such conventions is the open, symbiotic relationship between service providers and device manufacturers. Almost every major wireless carrier announced a slew of new connected devices including smartphones, tablets, laptops and even automobiles. The relationship is clearly advantageous to both sides with carriers looking to drive network and service consumption while device manufacturers get to sell more devices. It seems that everybody loves connected devices…well almost. There was one group of companies […]  More >>

Making Plans for the Connected World in Emerging Markets

We know that developed markets are enthusiastically embracing the connected world—a world of hyper-growth in demand for ubiquitous connectivity, information anytime, anywhere and smarter connected devices. But Eastern Europe, Latin America and South East Asia are also driving new growth in communications markets. In fact several of these key markets are on the cusp of realising their own unique flavour of the connected world. As these emerging markets evolve, what is the service provider’s perspective on the connected world? What do they perceive as the key challenges and opportunities? Following the publication of the Connected World 2010: A Survey of […]  More >>