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Connected home: about more than just good Wi-Fi

If like me, you love technology, you can now access all the info needed with the tap of a finger about how much energy your home appliances are consuming – including your washing machine, dryer, Nespresso machine, air conditioner, lights, oven and so on. And you can also see how high your next utility bill will be – days before it arrives. How cool is that? Chances are, if you’ve got a connected home, you’re also wirelessly streaming video to your TV, tablet, and other handheld devices. This brings us to 4k streaming, which as demand and availability for content […]  More >>

Multi-play evolution in progress

Fierce Wireless’ latest quadplay report is hot off the press. The European mobile industry giants are evolving toward fixed-mobile convergence – creating quadplay bundles that combine wireline, broadband, Pay TV and mobile into a single package. And while Deutsche Telekom, Vodafone Germany, Orange, Telekom Austria and others move toward quadplay, it is only the first step on the way to multi-play. On the road to multi-play As the name suggests, quadplay is the natural evolution of triple play. But more importantly, quadplay is precursor to multi-play, where service providers will once again add services to build loyalty and find more […]  More >>

Time to turn connected lifestyle technology into reality

While learning about all the new connected devices at CES (the annual consumer electronics show) in Las Vegas, I realized that almost every new product today connects to the network, either directly or via a smart device. You start to get the impression that new products that don’t connect to the network aren’t really that innovative or cutting edge. Though visions for connected home and an always-on world have been discussed for several years, we’re finally arriving at a reality where more and more network-connected products are actually available to consumers. Seems that it’s just a matter of time before […]  More >>

InTouch 2012: Profit from the Connected Home

77% of consumers want to be able to remotely connect to their homes in order to monitor against intrusions and fires, more efficiently manage home energy consumption and care remotely care for the elderly. Many service providers are launching connected home offerings as the new quintuple play to add customer value, drive revenues and improve long term retention. Connected home represents a new major business opportunity for service providers, who can increase their consumers APRU by $10 to $15 per month, while improving their subscribers stickiness. Amdocs InTouch in Miami next week is a great place to learn how we […]  More >>