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The Critical Role of IoT Service Providers

When consumers think about the Internet of Things, perhaps they think about a SmartHome, with all their appliances, lights and security tools embedded into a single application on their phone. Others imagine medical devices that help them stay in constant control of an elderly parent’s health situation, while some might envision a smart city that communicates where the nearest available parking spot is located. And while these apps seem to function easily for the consumer, there is a critical role being played by the IoT service provider to maintain the illusion of simplicity. Take the connected car, for example. Car […]  More >>

Multi-play evolution in progress

Fierce Wireless’ latest quadplay report is hot off the press. The European mobile industry giants are evolving toward fixed-mobile convergence – creating quadplay bundles that combine wireline, broadband, Pay TV and mobile into a single package. And while Deutsche Telekom, Vodafone Germany, Orange, Telekom Austria and others move toward quadplay, it is only the first step on the way to multi-play. On the road to multi-play As the name suggests, quadplay is the natural evolution of triple play. But more importantly, quadplay is precursor to multi-play, where service providers will once again add services to build loyalty and find more […]  More >>

AT&T Drive and the Changing Road

AT&T packaged connectivity, billing, data analytics and infotainment to car manufacturers. They backed it up with industry-leading partners, and an investment in the AT&T Drive Studio, a 5,000 square foot innovation center, garage, lab, and showroom, where they will work with auto experts from around the world. Amdocs contribution to this project centers on split billing.  More >>

On my way to the Internet of Things

This Wednesday Amdocs will be at the first Internet of Things conference in Israel. The conference, which will take place in Tel Aviv, will feature speakers from around the world, talking about connected cars, wearables, 3D printed, and more, in a M2M world.  More >>