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Don’t order the spaghetti

To keep pace with the market, service providers need to ensure their IT systems are kept up to speed to support growing business demands. But as any CTO will tell you, this is easier said than done. Some of the biggest challenges relate to deeply entrenched legacy systems. According to a recent Coleman Parkes survey, four out of five service providers believe their legacy systems are holding them back, while almost two-thirds say they have a medium to heavy legacy presence in their IT landscape. Usually, when it comes to legacy systems, the older it is, the more it resembles […]  More >>

Looking Through the PRISM: Three Customer Data Lessons

The controversial PRISM program, a secret electronic surveillance effort led by the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) that allegedly included collecting information about private citizens, has dominated the news lately, especially in America and Europe. One might assume that the major business take-away from PRISM is that consumers will zealously guard their privacy and that customer data is largely off limits. But a surprising global survey (conducted by market research firm Coleman Parkes on behalf of Amdocs) of 3,900 consumers actually found that many people are more than willing to share their data with service providers, if they perceive value […]  More >>

Partnering with OTT from a position of strength

Should we pity today’s service provider? Customers are demanding more, faster, content thanks to our enthusiasm for smart devices combined with over-the-top (OTT) services from players such as Skype, YouTube, Google, and most recently, Facebook.  Service providers are expected to deliver it to consumers in a high-quality format, across multiple channels, and without receiving any corresponding increase in revenues.  Although many fear this will cast service providers in a “dumb pipe” role where all they do is provide connectivity, all is not doom and gloom. In fact, according to a recent Coleman Parkes survey of service providers, over-the-top players and device […]  More >>

Why Transform? Don’t Ask the Caterpillar

butterflyUnlike caterpillars, many of today’s service providers are actively considering whether they should transform. Why transform? When planned and executed correctly, transformation generates great business agility and frees service providers to concentrate on their business strategies. The benefits of transformation depend on the transformation trigger, but can include reducing cost, maximizing a strength or opportunity of the organization, improving customer experience and reducing time to market of new products/services.  More >>