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Selling Cloud Services isn’t about the Technology

The Cloud can be confusing to people not familiar with the conceptService providers trying to sell cloud services to small and medium sized businesses should stop focusing on the technology, and focus on the benefits available to SMBs.  More >>

Multi-play evolution in progress

Adding Pay TV to create a quadplay offering is the latest, but multiplay is on the horizonFierce Wireless’ latest quadplay report is hot off the press. The European mobile industry giants are evolving toward fixed-mobile convergence – creating quadplay bundles that combine wireline, broadband, Pay TV and mobile into a single package. And while Deutsche Telekom, Vodafone Germany, Orange, Telekom Austria and others move toward quadplay, it is only the first step on the way to multi-play. On the road to multi-play As the name suggests, quadplay is the natural evolution of triple play. But more importantly, quadplay is precursor to multi-play, where service providers will once again add services to build loyalty and find more […]  More >>

4 Elements Your Cloud Ecosystem Needs

Like the African proverb, service providers need a village to successfully launch cloud servicesTo be successful, service providers offering cloud-based services need to build partnerships, and develop these four elements as part of their cloud offering.   More >>

The paradox of choice

Too many choicesService providers need to offer their small- and medium-sized business customers easy to understand packages that include cloud services, or risk scaring those customers off to find other OTT cloud providers.   More >>

SMB opportunities abound in the cloud

For service providers, SMBs offer a world of opportunity in the cloudService providers can help remove barriers that small and medium sized businesses run into while trying to move to the cloud. Research shows that these businesses would like their service provider to provide a one stop shop for communications and cloud needs.   More >>

Escape the circle of silos

Escape hatchCentral product catalogs offer service providers the opportunity to escape the circle of silos. They offer greater flexibility when defining offerings across multiple lines of business, and create a single source of product truth within the service provider organization.  More >>

SMBs Aim for the Cloud

SMBs have their eyes on the cloudSMBs are increasingly looking for suppliers that will provide a converged communications technology suite, including traditional communications services such as wireless, broadband and wireline coupled with cloud-based services. In pure terms SMBs are prolific and provide a wealth of opportunity for the astute service provider.  More >>

Cloud and Other Foggy 2014 Telecom Trends – The Lighter Side…

"It becomes self aware at 2:14 AM"I’ve been doing a lot of reading lately, getting ready for 2014. Though there are some pretty exciting predictions for telecom trends, a few have me worried, and others have me downright scared. Big Data, cloud, mobile payment, 3D printing, wearables and Smart Homes all sure sound fancy – but are we really ready for them? For starters, no one is more excited about Big Data than I am. I’m turning 41 this year and I can barely read the data on my screen. I say the bigger the better. Hopefully with Big Data, we’ll be reading text messages without […]  More >>

2014: The Ride of Your Life

Get Ready for the Ride of Your Life2014 promises to be the year M2M teaches us what a petabyte is, pushes operators for real network solutions, see the cloud soar to new heights, and big data absolutely explodes  More >>

Open Platforms Prescribed for Home-Health Monitoring

87468513-smIn the US alone, healthcare costs reached $2.6 trillion in 2010 of which 75 – 85 percent was spent on chronic condition care. Combine that with increased longevity and a global population of 9.3 billion by 2050 and the worldwide cost to treat the chronically ill and an aging population is staggering. Perhaps the cloud holds the answer to this looming crisis. As discussed in “How’s your (e)Health these days?”, wireless technology is now able to provide the secure and simple interactions required to connect multiple medical and non-medical monitoring devices to family, caregivers and medical personnel. And interestingly enough, […]  More >>