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3 Areas Charging Must Get Right in Digital World

Convergent chargingThe word digital means different things to different people. In the world of communications it has taken on such a wide consensus that service providers today are actively developing strategies that transform them from Communications Service Providers to Digital Service Providers. With the range of meanings and strategies related to digital, there is one IT system that takes on a lot of responsibility in this new digital world to make real the digital strategy of various parts of the telecommunications ecosystem.  The convergent charging has to answer to a number of different masters in this environment: the business, the customers […]  More >>

Episode 2 – How to Track Offer Performance in Real Time

Service providers are constantly looking for new offers that will entice and excite their customers. But keeping track of which offers are appetizing and palatable, and which are less so, is a challenge. Doing this successfully is critical to your overall marketing effort. In our second episode of this charging data mini-series (if you missed the first one you can see it here), we’d like to demonstrate how you can quickly and easily track the appeal and performance of your offers in real time. This will ensure that you always know which offers are successful, which are performing below expectations, […]  More >>

Three Key Ways to Unlock the True Potential of Usage Data

Tier 1 service providers are already storing billions of network events every day. That’s a ton of BIG data. And with an ever-increasing need for data bringing on even fiercer competitiveness, there’s no doubt that the world of big data analytics has a huge role to play in our industry. To truly unlock the potential of usage data through the leveraging of big data technologies and applications, service providers need to tackle three key areas. The first step is to change to a “save everything” approach, where ALL data is stored. Next up, service providers need to define how to […]  More >>

Are You Using Big Data For All it’s Worth?

Big data is growing at colossal speeds. And,the dominating subject of some of the more interesting pieces on big data I’ve read recently seems to be our ability to get the most out of it. While everybody is talking about big data, only some companies are using it. What steps can be taken to make sure we are maxing it to the fullest? Big data perfectionism In this Entrepreneur article, Dan Newman recommends that small businesses ask themselves four questions when starting down the road to big data usage (I won’t spoil it, read the article). And although the article […]  More >>

Three reasons your customers fall in love with personalized data plans

As customers demand more and more data to feed their ever-growing collection of smartphones and tablets (and don’t forget to add the about-to-be-released Apple Watch to that list), their demand for improved service and customization – in the form of personalized data plans – is also on the rise. In the constant battle against customer churn, service providers have had to meet this demand full on to ensure they meet their customers’ needs. And it looks like customers have been falling in love with the new ability to mix and match services, an improved user experience, as well as the […]  More >>

Is the Telecom Industry Saturated with Useless Big Data?

It seems there’s always something new happening in the world of big data and a lot of smart people to write about it. This week, what seems to be the next big question is whether or not we’ll be able to monetize big data usage. And if not, is it useless? Here are a few of the articles I read this week related to just that issue, which I thought were particularly interesting. You also get my 2 cents on them, free of charge. The Analytical Divide Kurt Schlegal, research vice president at Gartner provides some great insight in this […]  More >>

2 Top Trends in the Evolution of Real-Time Data Services

Without question, the new data-led services rolled out by some of the world’s leading service providers are generating some real interest and buzz in the telecom world. And it’s easy to see why – just take a look at the data consumption and habits of your family and friends. We all want data-hungry, rich communication services that are available anytime, anywhere. Service providers are ready with data services that are set to rock the consumer’s world using real-time promotions, multi-service consumption, shared data experience, and personalized data plans. We’ll talk about some of these other services in my upcoming posts, but […]  More >>

7 Deadly Sins of Charging Data Analytics

A recent study indicated that there will be close to two billion smartphone users by the end of 2015. These users represent the largest and most potentially lucrative market in world history. Service providers are well aware of this, and are already implementing big data analytics programs to maximize the value of these users over the long-term. Understandably, business analytics are set to become even more valuable, which means it is absolutely imperative that the information they provide is used as effectively as possible. To do this, it is essential to avoid what we call the “7 Deadly Sins” of charging […]  More >>