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Escape the circle of silos

Escape hatchCentral product catalogs offer service providers the opportunity to escape the circle of silos. They offer greater flexibility when defining offerings across multiple lines of business, and create a single source of product truth within the service provider organization.  More >>

Radio access networks, the true home of customer experience management

With the widespread introduction of self-optimizing network (SON) features within the radio access network (RAN), customer experience measurements are rapidly shifting toward the more relevant metric of active customer experience improvement. Operators who have implemented SON, and especially centralized SON (C-SON), have seen impressive gains in their network performance resulting in enriched customer experiences. They have seen greater than 15 percent improvement in capacity utilization and over 20 percent improvement in dropped call rate, typically within a few hours or days after SON installation.  More >>

SMBs Aim for the Cloud

SMBs are increasingly looking for suppliers that will provide a converged communications technology suite, including traditional communications services such as wireless, broadband and wireline coupled with cloud-based services. In pure terms SMBs are prolific and provide a wealth of opportunity for the astute service provider.  More >>

Getting smarter at small cell placement

BlocksSmall cells need to be carefully planned and located accurately, to maximize the service providers’ return on investment. Misplaced small cells can result in a waste of time and money. To locate them accurately, service providers need to identify where the high value customers are, and what kind of experience they are having.  More >>