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Data Empowerment – More than a tool, it’s a way of doing business

Data Empowerment means taking every activity that a service provider is involved with, and making it more effective and smarter with big data. It applies to business offerings and promotions directed at end users, and optimizing networks based on real-time actual data. Successful data usage is both insight-based and predictive, and touches every element of the service provider’s business.  More >>

Maximizing Big Data Analytics: The Key to Enhancing Perception

The world of big data is becoming more complicated every day. But to truly maximize the value of big data through analytics, it’s important to understand it’s potential to change our perception of reality. If not thought about, big data threatens to disorient us, and the more complex the data, the greater the potential disorientation. So what are the secrets to avoiding the pitfalls of big data and maximizing its potential? Big data behavior Bernard Marr has put together this fascinating Forbes article on the impact of big data and analytics on lying. The article makes it clear that big […]  More >>

Episode 2 – How to Track Offer Performance in Real Time

Service providers are constantly looking for new offers that will entice and excite their customers. But keeping track of which offers are appetizing and palatable, and which are less so, is a challenge. Doing this successfully is critical to your overall marketing effort. In our second episode of this charging data mini-series (if you missed the first one you can see it here), we’d like to demonstrate how you can quickly and easily track the appeal and performance of your offers in real time. This will ensure that you always know which offers are successful, which are performing below expectations, […]  More >>

Welcome to the Analytics Mini-Series – Recipes for Success

Service providers are arguably among the most data-intensive companies in the world today. Our industry has become a pressure cooker, where standing out from the competition and being a market leader has become a necessity. But with modern convergent charging systems, service providers now have the means to present real-time business data to marketing and business end users, enabling them to differentiate themselves from the competition and become leaders in their market. In this charging data mini-series, we hope to take the pressure out of your kitchen (that is, your company) by presenting quick and easy recipes that with the […]  More >>

The key to successful big data implementation is working with domain experts

Big data has been on a hype curve in the past years. Finally, technology is up-to-speed with the latest data and analysis needs. However, managers are still not diving into a new big data implementations. Ghosts of unsuccessful projects, sometimes accompanied with business cases that encapsulate too much uncertainty, make decision-makers feel uneasy. In truth, most business cases for big data target either technical or business goals. For service provider IT departments, big data projects are usually associated with quite straightforward cost reduction and increased capacity – understandable given the heritage of big data with infrastructure. In contrast, the business […]  More >>

Is Big Data Becoming Too Intrusive?

Using (big) data to its full potential is taking new directions. As a result, the captivating articles I read this week focus on the opportunities and challenges that face data usage. The Challenge of Storage ZDNet reports about new legislation in Australia, which if passed, will “force Australian telcos and internet service providers to retain their customers’ telecommunications metadata for a minimum of two years.” The Australian government announced that it will propose amendments that will affect the type of data that should be stored, including network information that isn’t typically stored in charging usage databases such as cell location. […]  More >>

Why Having a Big Data Mindset is a Must

Big data analysis of usage data is emerging as a goldmine for achieving differentiation in our industry’s fiercely competitive landscape. Service providers are investing in big data technologies and solutions in order to arm their sales, marketing and retention teams with valuable insights that can substantially impact the bottom line. For example, real-time analysis of usage data can enable a carrier to identify the uptake of offers and help campaign planning. Another example is the ability to identify upsell opportunities based on subscriber usage patterns and services types. You can find more in our white paper, here. But the most […]  More >>

Three Key Ways to Unlock the True Potential of Usage Data

Tier 1 service providers are already storing billions of network events every day. That’s a ton of BIG data. And with an ever-increasing need for data bringing on even fiercer competitiveness, there’s no doubt that the world of big data analytics has a huge role to play in our industry. To truly unlock the potential of usage data through the leveraging of big data technologies and applications, service providers need to tackle three key areas. The first step is to change to a “save everything” approach, where ALL data is stored. Next up, service providers need to define how to […]  More >>

Are You Using Big Data For All it’s Worth?

Big data is growing at colossal speeds. And,the dominating subject of some of the more interesting pieces on big data I’ve read recently seems to be our ability to get the most out of it. While everybody is talking about big data, only some companies are using it. What steps can be taken to make sure we are maxing it to the fullest? Big data perfectionism In this Entrepreneur article, Dan Newman recommends that small businesses ask themselves four questions when starting down the road to big data usage (I won’t spoil it, read the article). And although the article […]  More >>

Is the Telecom Industry Saturated with Useless Big Data?

It seems there’s always something new happening in the world of big data and a lot of smart people to write about it. This week, what seems to be the next big question is whether or not we’ll be able to monetize big data usage. And if not, is it useless? Here are a few of the articles I read this week related to just that issue, which I thought were particularly interesting. You also get my 2 cents on them, free of charge. The Analytical Divide Kurt Schlegal, research vice president at Gartner provides some great insight in this […]  More >>