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The big data experience

Big data – it’s everywhere! You can’t help hearing about it. Providing deep insight into a lot of data, it improves healthcare, science, research, operational performance; the list goes on and on. How can service providers leverage big data to improve customer experience?  More >>

No usage gets left behind

Full boxService providers need to do two things with data. First, they need to save it all, until they can figure out which is important and which they can delete. Second, they need to manage the data in a way that allows it to be rapidly aggregated and extracted for business insight and analytics.  More >>

Is network coverage at the golf course a priority?

Man on laptop at golfcourseElizabeth Bavin argues that network coverage at the gold course should be a priority for service providers – if differentiating on corporate network experience matters to your business.   More >>

Harnessing big data analytics to drive advocacy

Clock on dataAmdocs Proactive Care and Amdocs Social Care rely on big data analytics to service the customer. Amdocs Proactive Care monitors events in the customers life to detect issues, and then proactively solves those issues. Amdocs Social Care connects service providers to customers through social media channels of the customer’s choosing, to help resolve issues.  More >>