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A great tester is a fusion of diverse experiences, sharp focus and specialized knowledge

A Conversation with Andrey Bronfin on the Benefits of Specialization in Testing Andrey Bronfin joined the Amdocs Testing Services team only a couple of months ago, but he is already closely familiar with the business and the team. That’s because over the course of his career, Andrey has worked at Amdocs in a variety of roles, and has recently re-joined the team as part of an acquisition of the Comverse Business Support System (BSS) business unit. Today, Andrey is leading Amdocs Testing Services’ R&D, product management, marketing, partnerships and other cross-organizational functions. Andrey joined me on the phone from Israel, […]  More >>

Ask the Amdocs Testing Experts: Testing in Agile: A conversation with Amdocs’ Director of QA and Agile Enthusiast Nandita Ramesh

These days, Agile is everywhere. Nearly every company that’s building or deploying software applications claims to be working in Agile. Open up any IT publication, and you will find a variety of opinions and guidance on how to best implement Agile to deliver applications faster and more cost-effectively. Yet, when the subject of quality comes up in the context of Agile, experts don’t seem to agree on a single approach. Who owns quality – the scrum team or the QA team? Do you even need a tester when everyone has a stake in quality? Who can see the big picture, […]  More >>

Giving thanks to the software testers

This Thanksgiving season, I want to take a moment to recognize the people who work tirelessly every day to get us where we are today. At Amdocs, we realize that our team is our greatest asset. It is their experience and knowledge that allowed us to build our unique methodology and testing framework – the Amdocs BEAT™. It is their in-depth understanding of the industry technologies and business processes that gives us an advantage over the “generic” testing service providers. It is their hard work that brings industry-leading results to every customer engagement. As I stated in a recent blog […]  More >>

How To Get Better Results From Specialized Testing – Now That The Offshore Lemon Has Been Nearly Squeezed Dry

Mike Cooper interviews Yoav Ziv, head of testing at Amdocs, looking at trends in the industry and how testing has changed.  More >>