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Are you ready for the switch to 4G LTE?

Plenty of service providers (and their end-customers) have jumped on the 4G LTE bandwagon. As a result, two of the most immediate and noticeable changes we are seeing are the speed at which data services are running and high-definition voice quality. And that’s great…assuming that everything works as it should, and customers receive the quality of experience they were promised. But sadly, many 4G LTE implementations do not live up to expectations due to the challenges that lie within the core elements of these networks.  More >>

AT&T Drive and the Changing Road

AT&T packaged connectivity, billing, data analytics and infotainment to car manufacturers. They backed it up with industry-leading partners, and an investment in the AT&T Drive Studio, a 5,000 square foot innovation center, garage, lab, and showroom, where they will work with auto experts from around the world. Amdocs contribution to this project centers on split billing.  More >>

InTouch 2012: Profit from the Connected Home

77% of consumers want to be able to remotely connect to their homes in order to monitor against intrusions and fires, more efficiently manage home energy consumption and care remotely care for the elderly. Many service providers are launching connected home offerings as the new quintuple play to add customer value, drive revenues and improve long term retention. Connected home represents a new major business opportunity for service providers, who can increase their consumers APRU by $10 to $15 per month, while improving their subscribers stickiness. Amdocs InTouch in Miami next week is a great place to learn how we […]  More >>