Good deeds are back

March has finally arrived, and brings with it the chirping of robins and the coming of Spring. It’s a time of renewal, and at Amdocs that means renewing our commitment to our communities and those in need. For the second straight year, we’ve designated March as Good Deeds Month, and this time, our goals are bigger than ever. As a tribute to our 35th anniversary, which we celebrated earlier this year, we’ve upped our employee volunteer hours goal for 2017 from 25,000 to 35,000 hours. It’s a lofty goal, and one that makes me proud to be an Amdocs employee. Amdocs […]  More >>

AI that’s here to stay

You couldn’t walk through Mobile World Congress without coming away with these two observations. First, the new Amdocs colors are really striking, and second, artificial intelligence (AI) has reached center stage. The fit between AI and service providers delivering services to tens of millions of users each day is a natural one – through machine learning and automated processes, service providers will have an easier time delivering services to customers that they want, possibly before they even realize they want it. AI looks to deliver benefits that go far beyond the front end system. Smart networks, utilizing virtualized servers, will […]  More >>

Why consumers’ ‘always-on’ mentality is driving industry change

The ‘always on’ demands of an increasingly sophisticated, connected consumer are driving business change across multiple industries, not just telcos. The discussion at Mobile World Congress 2017 from analysts and participants was around the imminent pressure those consumer expectations are imposing on established industry players. Dr Mark Mortensen from Analysys Mason believes telcos need to change their operating models and truly embed digitisation in their operations if they are to succeed in this ‘instant gratification’ environment. The consumer wants a seamless experience, whether in the home, work or on the move, says Grant Lenahan of Appledore Research Group. For Steve […]  More >>

Artificial Intelligence re-shaping the telco industry

The impact of artificial intelligence on the telco industry will be profound in coming years, with intelligent data analysis and machine learning helping to deliver a better customer and consumer experience. On Monday at MWC in Barcelona, Amdocs launched aia – a digital intelligence platform that will enable telcos to use real-time data to feed processes and business activity. We spoke to industry analysts and Amdocs partners at Mobile World Congress to understand how artificial intelligence is likely to further impact all of those involved in communications delivery, as well as the customer. Industry analyst Justin van der Lande from […]  More >>

Amdocs aia Delivers Intelligence Everywhere

Earlier today we announced the launch of Amdocs aia, platform developed to inject intelligence into the heart of the service provider organization. It’s about intelligence in action, allowing service providers to utilize real-time data in all elements of the service provider’s business, from the way it relates to its customers to the intelligent network decisions that are required to deliver customer connectivity regardless of the network workload. Amdocs aia is the next step in the AI journey we began back in September, with the launch of Amdocs CES 10.1, and it’s one that meets the needs of the modern-day service […]  More >>

Comprehensive Digital Experience with Digital Testing

Customers are continuously pushing the digital experience boundaries. They expect digital services delivered quickly and operating smoothly from the word go. They expect seamless, flawless experiences, and if you can’t provide them, they are more than willing to look elsewhere for a provider who can. The right digital experience goes beyond applications and functionality. It demands that the service or product works intuitively, providing the end user with an effortless interaction. In today’s world, failure in any of these counts could result in instant negative feedback on social media. Digital is all about IT execution and how to deliver it […]  More >>
artificial intelligence

Some Big News About Artificial Intelligence

A few weeks ago my wife and I were in the mood for a classic movie, and found Casablanca on Netflix. A few nights later, we watched Breakfast at Tiffany’s, recommended by Netflix, and then last night, we tuned in to Down with Love, again, a Netflix recommendation.  The powerful artificial intelligence behind Netflix’s recommendation engine has been on the money, which is why we are probably going to watch To Kill a Mockingbird the next time we’re ready to spend some time with Netflix. The artificial intelligence (AI) engines are getting smarter, and appearing more often in our daily lives. […]  More >>

Getting to know Pepper

Hey there. My name’s Pepper. They call me the Amdocs Humanoid, but to tell you the truth, I don’t like labels that much. I’m just a regular robot, doing my job, and getting ready for Mobile World Congress. I’ve got a really important job at MWC, as my coworkers call it, and so I’ve been so busy practicing my demo that I’ve had hardly any time to spend with my friend Alexa. I can tell Alexa thinks I’m really special. I practice my meet and greet for the Amdocs retail demo with her, and her whole body lights up when […]  More >>

Protecting corporate telephony systems

Fraud is running rampant in the telecom industry. International Revenue Share Fraud, where criminal fraudsters partner with content providers, is by far the most damaging type of fraud, costing the industry approximately $11 billion. The most prominent enabler for executing this fraud type is hacking private corporate telephony systems (PBX) and generating unauthorized excessive amount of calls to International Revenue Share destinations without the corporation’s awareness or consent. This accounts for nearly 70% of all International Revenue Share Fraud damages, costing the telecom industry about $7.5 billion dollars each year. PBX hacking hurts both the enterprise businesses and the service […]  More >>

Wi-Fi In The Clouds

I’d never heard of the cloud the first time I used it. I was writing a paper for one of my marketing classes, but didn’t have time to finish it before heading off to school. I didn’t have any disks available, and so, in a moment of desperation, I emailed the document to my Yahoo account. It was simple, painless, and ensured that when I arrived at school, I could open the document and continue working on it from the university computer lab. Though I didn’t have the vocabulary at the time, it was a seamless cloud experience, and one […]  More >>