When Digital Goes Wrong: Lessons from Revenue Assurance

Many communications service providers are in a hurry to “go digital”. They’re working to better empower customers, improve their experience, increase satisfaction and loyalty, launch new products and services faster, ensure easy adoption and consumption – all while reducing operational costs. Many have embarked on extensive transformation projects to become true digital service providers. But going digital is not only about being able to offer cool new services, it is about customer centricity. It is about ensuring excellent, seamless customer journeys and interactions excellent. And it doesn’t always go as planned.  More >>

Meet Pepper: The robot about to inherit Amdocs’ unique DNA

The first team member I onboarded in my new role as head of the Amdocs Product Business Group is not your typical employee. In fact, it’s not even human (or at least not yet…). Meet Pepper. Pepper relocated all the way from Japan to share its thoughts on revolutionizing the customer experience. Let me explain…  More >>

Amdocs wins prestigious network awards

Amdocs won two prestigious industry network awards at the MEF Excellence Awards at MEF16 in Baltimore on Tuesday night. Amdocs won the MEF’s Vendor of the Year for Third Network Technology Solutions and, in a tie with CENX, the Lifecycle Service Orchestration (LSO) Technology of the Year award for Third Network Technology Solutions. The MEF is the driving force enabling agile, assured and orchestrated Third Network services for the digital economy and the hyper-connected world, with user-directed control over network resources and cloud connectivity. The awards were accepted on behalf of Amdocs by Gabriel Kerner, VP, head of OSS product […]  More >>
The door to providing entertainment is now wide open

Entertainment that works

This is the first in a series looking at Amdocs recent acquisitions of Vindicia, Pontis and Brite:Bill The golden glow of entertainment services has been flickering before service providers’ eyes for years. Seeking to replace commoditized lines of business, such as voice and messaging, they have been busily searching for additional lines of business. Recent acquisitions by AT&T, Comcast and Vodafone of pay TV companies DirecTV, NBC and Kabel Deutschland, were at least partially driven by the need to mine new revenue streams. However, now that they have acquired a rich treasure chest of entertainment content, they need innovative ways […]  More >>
Meet one of the newest additions to Amdocs

NBA, Vimeo, BBC and many OTT platforms join our adventure into the digital revolution

Organizations seeking to sell digital content to online viewers have a number of challenges. It must be easy for users to find and buy content. The technical solution for selling the content should be quick and inexpensive to deploy, and have the agility and flexibility to support many offer types as well as rapid launch of new offers. And the business proposition should not incur risk of excessive costs up front. Examples of such organizations could be any OTT, entertainment, media or content company like Vimeo, NBA, NFL, NASCAR, BBC and many others who have chosen an OTT SaaS-based solution […]  More >>
20 recognition testing

TEST Magazine Recognizes Amdocs Testing as a Leading Testing Provider for 2016

We are pleased to announce that TEST Magazine, the leading publication for software Testing and Quality professionals, has named Amdocs Testing as one of the 20 Leading Testing Providers. TEST Magazine, which is read by over 10,700 members across Europe, the US and South Asia, publishes an annual update to its Testing Providers’ Guide to help companies navigate the complex and rapidly changing landscape of quality products and services. The most recent update, profiling selected Testing and QA providers across multiple verticals and geographies, was published in the September 2016 issue. Amdocs Testing was specifically recognized for its leading position […]  More >>
andrey bronfin

A great tester is a fusion of diverse experiences, sharp focus and specialized knowledge

A Conversation with Andrey Bronfin on the Benefits of Specialization in Testing Andrey Bronfin joined the Amdocs Testing Services team only a couple of months ago, but he is already closely familiar with the business and the team. That’s because over the course of his career, Andrey has worked at Amdocs in a variety of roles, and has recently re-joined the team as part of an acquisition of the Comverse Business Support System (BSS) business unit. Today, Andrey is leading Amdocs Testing Services’ R&D, product management, marketing, partnerships and other cross-organizational functions. Andrey joined me on the phone from Israel, […]  More >>

It Is Not Enough That Your Customers Are “Satisfied”

Using the Net Promoter Score (NPS) as a guide, take your customers from being merely ‘satisfied’ to happy and loyal brand promoters. Keeping your customers satisfied has long been an important element to building your business and to keep your customers from running away to your competitors. To gain their loyalty and earn true promoters, businesses have had the tough task of consistently anticipating, listening, and responding to their customers’ needs in order to build a trusting relationship. The Net Promoter Score (NPS) system was created to determine just how likely your customer would recommend someone else, aiming to keep […]  More >>
Convergent charging

3 Areas Charging Must Get Right in Digital World

The word digital means different things to different people. In the world of communications it has taken on such a wide consensus that service providers today are actively developing strategies that transform them from Communications Service Providers to Digital Service Providers. With the range of meanings and strategies related to digital, there is one IT system that takes on a lot of responsibility in this new digital world to make real the digital strategy of various parts of the telecommunications ecosystem.  The convergent charging has to answer to a number of different masters in this environment: the business, the customers […]  More >>

Two More Mind Tricks: More on How Behavioral Economics & Digital Customer Engagements Drive Better Performing Campaigns

In last week’s post we discussed the main pillars of the theory of behavioral economics, where the decision to purchase is not always a rational one. Rather, it is driven by the irrational; by emotion. We also presented how when you take the principles of behavioral economics and integrate them into the Digital Customer Engagement strategy, response rates increase dramatically and bring very engaging results. Read the full post here. Today we’re going to take a look at two more examples of how this comes to life. Loss Aversion Loss aversion assumes that people are more motivated to act to […]  More >>