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Are we going to be replaced by Bots?

Prepare for employment in the age of artificial intelligence The innovation tsunami driven by artificial intelligence (AI) is about to wash away some of the familiar paradigms of how we work, learn, and educate, and will impact us all, either directly or indirectly. For centuries, humans have worried about “technological unemployment” or the loss of jobs caused by technological change. Never has this concern been felt more than it is today, the dawn of the next industrial revolution. The new worker robots, “Bots”, will be able to fully imitate the human brain. Using deep learning, an AI technology which mimics the […]  More >>

Connected home: about more than just good Wi-Fi

If like me, you love technology, you can now access all the info needed with the tap of a finger about how much energy your home appliances are consuming – including your washing machine, dryer, Nespresso machine, air conditioner, lights, oven and so on. And you can also see how high your next utility bill will be – days before it arrives. How cool is that? Chances are, if you’ve got a connected home, you’re also wirelessly streaming video to your TV, tablet, and other handheld devices. This brings us to 4k streaming, which as demand and availability for content […]  More >>

Trends 2016: Does your website understand what your customers want?

Tsvi Lev looks at the critical need for service providers to offer Natural Language Understanding, and build into the omni-channel experience that they provide for their Millennial customers. Natural Language Understanding allows users to ask questions in normal, everyday language, and get the responses that they are looking for.   More >>

Digital Dimensions – Changing the Way Service Providers and Customers Engage

We envision a service provider ecosystem that offers an omni-channel experience for customers. It’s a system that gives customers the opportunity to move, unassisted, through whichever channel the customer wants, and makes it easy for the customer to engage with the service provider should the need arise. It requires service providers to engage with their customers in a digital manner, and provide the customer experience that they crave.  More >>

A Managed Services Approach to Revenue Leakage and Fraud

Revenue leakage and fraud are still a multi-billion dollar issue for mobile operators, costing the communications industry $23 billion annually, according to Ernst & Young’s 2013 Global Revenue Assurance Survey. Nearly a third of operators surveyed estimated revenue leakage to be at least 1% of their total revenues. On top of that, at any given moment, around a quarter of operators are in the process of massive transformations or project upgrades. Major changes like these are susceptible to human error and integration flaws, making systems even more vulnerable to revenue leakage and fraud. To combat this, many operators leverage solutions designed to identify and prevent these issues, which can save billions of dollars each year. And if managed properly, operators can double, or even triple these savings. (Guest post by Eedo Lifshitz, AVP of Business Development, cVidya)  More >>

Getting Ready for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil

Getting ready for the World Cup with AmdocsThe 2010 World Cup 2010 in South Africa was the most viewed event in the world, according to FIFA (International Federation of Association Football), reaching over 3.2 billion people around the world. Some 619 million people watched the final game, and 2.8 million people (7% percent of all Internet users) just in Brazil alone visited the official FIFA website for updates. During matches, web browsing increased 35% and mobile data bandwidth usage was up 24%. So what better way to get ready for the next World Cup in Brazil than to get on the field? Former Manchester United goalkeeper Gary […]  More >>

Moving Mountains by Simplifying Experience

BLOGGER: ERIC DANIS Farhad Manjoo, Slate’s technology columnist, chose complexity as the worst trend of 2011: In 2011 nearly every gadget or service that I use on a regular basis picked up new features that made it more frustrating to deal with. Everywhere I looked, I saw feature creep, platform wars, competing media standards, and increasingly chaotic user interfaces … But it’s not just that individual products got more difficult to use; in 2011 the entire tech ecosystem descended toward entropy. Devices and services had a harder time playing together, and simply choosing what to use became an occasion for […]  More >>

Transformation Triggers

In our last blog post in this series, we noted the worldwide interest in transformation programs. Why are so many service providers pulling the trigger? Coleman Parkes Research’s latest white paper, Transformation: Governance, Benefits and How to Get it Right, is based on a global study looking at transformation activity in the telecommunications service provider marketplace. It breaks down the triggers as follows: Operational The most common driver to initiate a transformation program is to reduce costs, mentioned by 64 percent of the service providers taking part in the study. But it is by no means the only driver. Nearly […]  More >>

But Everyone Else is Doing It!

peer pressureBLOGGER: RUTH WASSERMAN As a parent, one of the phrases I least enjoy hearing is, “But everyone else is doing it!” While this logic is annoying when heard from kids, keeping up with the industry and competitors can sometimes be a compelling business reason for action. Why undergo a transformation project? Coleman Parkes Research’s latest white paper, Transformation: Governance, Benefits and How to Get it Right, details the tremendous, worldwide interest in transformation. (Nearly) everyone is doing it! The white paper is based on a global study looking at transformation activity in the telecommunications service provider marketplace. Senior IT, operations […]  More >>

Connected Africa

According to Wireless Intelligence, the number of subscribers in Africa has passed Europe during the last quarter of 2010. ARPU in both continents declined at the same rate – 3% in Europe and 3.29% in Africa.    Service providers in Africa are witnessing huge growth in mobile – mobile connections are expected to grow by ~60% in 2010-2014, and mobile broadband adoption is growing faster than the global average, with a 34% subscriber CAGR by 2014[i]. Long term growth is anticipated to come from the boom in mobile data in the Middle East and Africa (63x between 2010-15 according to Cisco!), and this […]  More >>