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Are the Telephony ‘Galaxies’ Coming Down to Earth?

“Patterson’s been ballsy, but the fight is just beginning” is how London’s Evening Standard reported last month that BT was in exclusive talks to buy EE, the largest UK mobile operator. Should the transaction complete successfully, BT would be partially re-nationalized. Post-deal, according to current plans, the German and French governments would between them indirectly own 16% of the combined BT / EE entity due to their respective stakes in EE’s current owners, Deutsche Telekom and Orange.   More >>

Take a whiff – the future is here

Sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell. We’re all familiar with the five senses that let us engage and interact with both internal and external stimuli. But of the five senses we possess, our smartphones, TVs, laptops and tablets only allow us to use three – sight, hearing and touch. In pursuit of further integration between us and our digital devices, we may soon be able to send and receive olfactory messages.  More >>