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Digital Transformation? More like a slow evolution

“CSPs (communication service providers) can no longer rely on traditional business models or legacy IT systems in their evolution towards becoming DSPs (digital service providers),” wrote Jennifer Kyriakakis in a September 2014 article for Light Reading. Last May, my colleague Guy Hilton wrote “The CSPs of today will need to transition and evolve into the DSPs of tomorrow.” It’s clear that a digital transformation is coming, but we wanted to understand, after reading about this digital transformation for almost two years, why it’s taking so long to firmly grip the industry. To get a better understanding of where service providers […]  More >>

Escape the circle of silos

Escape hatchCentral product catalogs offer service providers the opportunity to escape the circle of silos. They offer greater flexibility when defining offerings across multiple lines of business, and create a single source of product truth within the service provider organization.  More >>

Double the Pleasure, Double the Fun!

Like consumers, carriers also want to have fun, building revenues and keeping costs low as they evolve their networks. To borrow a slogan from Doublemint gum, taking the right approach to evolve access control from 3G to 4G can help carriers “double their pleasure, double their fun.” Access control sounds simple enough. If someone wants to access your network, and they are a subscriber and in good standing, you let them on. What could be simpler? In the past, it was certainly simple if you had the right products that robustly scaled to handle the explosive growth of 3G. But […]  More >>

Why Transform? Don’t Ask the Caterpillar

butterflyUnlike caterpillars, many of today’s service providers are actively considering whether they should transform. Why transform? When planned and executed correctly, transformation generates great business agility and frees service providers to concentrate on their business strategies. The benefits of transformation depend on the transformation trigger, but can include reducing cost, maximizing a strength or opportunity of the organization, improving customer experience and reducing time to market of new products/services.  More >>