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Meet the Experts: Do we have a new digital testing buying persona?

An Interview with Michael Goggin, Amdocs Testing Services Technology is no longer an exclusive domain of enterprise IT teams. Business units and corporate functions, such as marketing, customer success, procurement, accounting or logistics have become major consumers of Information Technology. Driven by the need to get products and services to market faster, the Lines of Business (LoBs) are rapidly adopting digital platforms and integrating newest technologies, such as mobile, cloud, IoT, and data analytics into the very core of their operations. With the LoBs wielding a much larger share of corporate budgets, is it now time to regard them as […]  More >>

Spring – time of big plans and new beginnings

Spring is in the air, and something about this season always makes us feel compelled to make changes, start new projects, get rid of clutter, sort out relationships and possessions, and get our affairs in order. Spring is the time for new beginnings – in nature, among people, and yes, even in software testing. The world of application development never stands still – innovations in technology give rise to new application design and building approaches, customer demand for faster, more convenient apps inspire teams to adopt new delivery methods, and the coming of age of a new generation of digital […]  More >>

DevOps is Growing Up

DevOps guru and author Gary Gruver joins Yoav Ziv, Head of Amdocs Testing Services, in a webinar addressing the new set of challenges when scaling DevOps practices at the enterprise level DevOps is a key element of an enterprise digital transformation strategy – the close alignment between different groups involved in application delivery helps accelerate release cycles and deliver better quality software in less time. Over the past several years, nearly all of the leading Communications Service Providers have embarked on a DevOps journey as part of their application delivery modernization initiative. However, following the initial success of DevOps on […]  More >>

Comprehensive Digital Experience with Digital Testing

Customers are continuously pushing the digital experience boundaries. They expect digital services delivered quickly and operating smoothly from the word go. They expect seamless, flawless experiences, and if you can’t provide them, they are more than willing to look elsewhere for a provider who can. The right digital experience goes beyond applications and functionality. It demands that the service or product works intuitively, providing the end user with an effortless interaction. In today’s world, failure in any of these counts could result in instant negative feedback on social media. Digital is all about IT execution and how to deliver it […]  More >>

Meet the Experts: Transforming networks with NFV and how it will impact the testing process

Mike Cooper continues his Meet the Expert series, talking to Amdocs’ Dr. Eyal Felstaine about NFV, ECOMP, and all things network  More >>

Giving thanks for the testers this holiday season 

Thanksgiving. A beloved holiday celebrated in the US with family, football, the aroma of roasting turkey, and for many, the kickoff of the busiest shopping season of the year. Holiday shopping is crucial for the economy – it is estimated that around 30% of annual retail sales occur between Black Friday and Christmas. And while some shoppers find the rush of a midnight drive to the shopping mall exhilarating, a growing number of consumers prefer to shop online, fueling a record growth of Black Friday e-commerce. According to data published by Adobe, last year’s online shoppers collectively spent $4.45 billion during […]  More >>

TEST Magazine Recognizes Amdocs Testing as a Leading Testing Provider for 2016

20 recognition testingWe are pleased to announce that TEST Magazine, the leading publication for software Testing and Quality professionals, has named Amdocs Testing as one of the 20 Leading Testing Providers. TEST Magazine, which is read by over 10,700 members across Europe, the US and South Asia, publishes an annual update to its Testing Providers’ Guide to help companies navigate the complex and rapidly changing landscape of quality products and services. The most recent update, profiling selected Testing and QA providers across multiple verticals and geographies, was published in the September 2016 issue. Amdocs Testing was specifically recognized for its leading position […]  More >>

A great tester is a fusion of diverse experiences, sharp focus and specialized knowledge

A Conversation with Andrey Bronfin on the Benefits of Specialization in Testing Andrey Bronfin joined the Amdocs Testing Services team only a couple of months ago, but he is already closely familiar with the business and the team. That’s because over the course of his career, Andrey has worked at Amdocs in a variety of roles, and has recently re-joined the team as part of an acquisition of the Comverse Business Support System (BSS) business unit. Today, Andrey is leading Amdocs Testing Services’ R&D, product management, marketing, partnerships and other cross-organizational functions. Andrey joined me on the phone from Israel, […]  More >>

Digital Revolution is Changing Everything

Digital IT is perhaps the biggest shift that’s happening right now, and it’s fundamentally changing every aspect of testing. From quality requirements, through rapid adoption of DevOps, the Digital Revolution in IT presents both new challenges and new opportunities for testing organizations. Increased quality expectations In today’s world, IT systems are no longer the domain of internal users. Mobile, web, cloud and other modern technologies have exposed enterprise IT systems to millions of end-users worldwide, heightening the importance of application performance and creating the culture of zero tolerance for failure. While this is undeniably a new trend, Telecom companies have […]  More >>

User Experience Drives Important Changes in Mobile Testing

A conversation with Erez Sharabi Mobile testing is one of the main components of digital testing. It’s a complex and fascinating subject, with many different schools of thought on what, how and when to test to please today’s discriminating, and often impatient, consumer or business user. I caught up with my long-time friend Erez Sharabi from Amdocs Testing Services over the phone from Israel, to ask him about his opinion on mobile testing, its current challenges, future growth and the impact that mobile revolution has on application delivery. Below are the highlights of our conversation. Michael Cooper: Erez, what is […]  More >>