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It Is Not Enough That Your Customers Are “Satisfied”

Using the Net Promoter Score (NPS) as a guide, take your customers from being merely ‘satisfied’ to happy and loyal brand promoters. Keeping your customers satisfied has long been an important element to building your business and to keep your customers from running away to your competitors. To gain their loyalty and earn true promoters, businesses have had the tough task of consistently anticipating, listening, and responding to their customers’ needs in order to build a trusting relationship. The Net Promoter Score (NPS) system was created to determine just how likely your customer would recommend someone else, aiming to keep […]  More >>

Two More Mind Tricks: More on How Behavioral Economics & Digital Customer Engagements Drive Better Performing Campaigns

In last week’s post we discussed the main pillars of the theory of behavioral economics, where the decision to purchase is not always a rational one. Rather, it is driven by the irrational; by emotion. We also presented how when you take the principles of behavioral economics and integrate them into the Digital Customer Engagement strategy, response rates increase dramatically and bring very engaging results. Read the full post here. Today we’re going to take a look at two more examples of how this comes to life. Loss Aversion Loss aversion assumes that people are more motivated to act to […]  More >>

Mind Tricks? How to Leverage Behavioral Economics for Better Performing Campaigns

How do people make their choices? What drives their decisions and motivates them to respond favorably to our offers? As marketers, the answer is the holy grail of our campaign efforts. We think that if we present the rationale for why it’s worth their while to spend – if we expand on benefits and provide stats and proof points, then our customers would inevitably come to the rational conclusion we are aiming at. While all that is good and important – benefits, numbers, and proof points; according to the theories of behavioral economics the decision to purchase is not always […]  More >>

Your Marketing is Either Too Vague or Too Specific

There are three types of content marketing techniques that companies use to attract potential customers and communicate with their current ones. They are split by the directness of their selling approach and by their attention to detail. I’d like to discuss the differences between the three methods and express my opinion on the best way to truly market effectively. The first method is the simplest and most common form of marketing. However, for this specific reason customers are wary and suspicious of it. In this strategy companies simply boast about their product and services, painting a sometimes unbelievably rosy picture […]  More >>

Hot Marketing Trends, the Latest Buzz Words, & One Great Quiz to Test Your Marketing Know-how, Part 2

In last week’s post we shared with you some insights from the marketing quiz we published to the digital marketing community. Click here to see some of the results. We also shared the top marketing trends according to Jim Lecinski, VP Americas Customer Solutions at Google. Today we’re going to take a look at another source for insights on marketing trends, that is, from the recent Internet Week New York Festival 2016. This is an amalgam of over 250 events dedicated to digital marketing and technology, taking place over the course of a week. According to trend forecasting and analytics firm WGSN, among the chief […]  More >>

How to Create a Customer Engagement Value Exchange

Customer engagement refers to the online and offline experience of customers with one another, with a company or with a brand. The resulting emotional or psychological attachment of a customer to a brand, product, or company is a definitive predictor of business growth. According to research by Gartner, engaged customers are usually better advocates of a brand, are more loyal and more profitable. Considered by most to be a vital part of a business strategy, customer engagement is continuing to evolve and improve. The current state of customer engagement is varied, with some companies embracing an ad hoc loyalty strategy while others embrace […]  More >>

How Big Data is Shaping the Marketing World in 2016

big dataBig data is a term for data sets that are so large and complex that traditional data processing applications are inadequate to fully use and manipulate them. Annual big data collection in 2012 was 2,700 Exabytes (or 2,700 quintillion bytes) and it is projected that by 2020, annual collection will reach over 40,000 Exabytes. While potentially useful and valuable to consumers and businesses alike, management of big data is challenging because it cannot be fully and optimally deployed at this point. That is not to say that big data isn’t currently useful, however. It is being used to improve many […]  More >>

Why Your Customers May Soon Be Talking to a Computer… And Preferring It

Artificial intelligence (A.I.) has come a long way since IBM’s Deep Blue supercomputer beat chess champion Garry Kasparov in 1997. It is now a part of everyday life, with services like Microsoft’s Cortana, Google’s automated Nest thermostat and Netflix’s movie recommendation engine. We are merely at the beginning of the AI revolution, however, as more and more services are about to get a high-tech upgrade. One sector in particular, customer engagement, is on the brink of an AI revolution. According to Gartner, the leading American information technology research and advisory firm, by 2020 85% of the relationships between enterprise and […]  More >>

How to Take Through-the-Line Campaigns Through the Roof

The ‘Mad’ Story of The Line Back in the golden days of ‘Mad Men’ Madison Avenue advertising, there was a distinct line separating mass marketing to build brand awareness, and the kind of direct marketing that involved, for example, handing out fliers at your local superstore. The broad reaching campaigns were coined ‘above-the-line’ (ATL), and the targeted ones – ‘below-the-line’ (BTL). This was during that golden era, in 1954, when the accountants of Proctor & Gamble wanted to distinguish the fee structure for advertisers who dealt with each kind of campaign (each bringing different top-line results). Integrating ‘Above’ & ‘Below’ […]  More >>

5 Changes You Can Make to Gain Customers for Life

Today’s social world requires brand building and cultivating loyalty. Maintaining a large online presence is only the first step in an era where creating meaningful engagement is imperative. Research has shown that people develop loyalty for brands they interact with the most. This phenomenon is known as brand citizenship. Brand citizenship represents an evolution of online marketing. Whereas once a “like” and perhaps a share were enough, customers now expect companies to advocate on their behalf on matters they deem important. A good example of this is businesses going green or ceasing operations in sweatshops. For brands, getting to a point where […]  More >>