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The MVNO Challenge

The MVNO market is booming, and it’s hard to pinpoint just one reason for this growth. Certainly regulatory changes have opened up new markets. Service providers (MNOs), eager to further monetize their network, are both onboarding MVNOs and establishing their own secondary brands to target niche markets. Retailers and cable companies, looking to expand their brand and find additional revenue sources, are MVNO players as well. What is easy to pinpoint, however, is that MVNOs suffer from a high failure rate. The subscriber numbers show a market that should be teeming with success. Ovum predicts that by 2019 the number […]  More >>

Between Common Practice and Innovation

“How can we innovate?” – Communications service providers constantly ask this question, in their quest to develop exciting new products and services that allow them to remain profitable and a leading brand. But does the need for innovation apply to MVNOs as well? MVNOs position in the market hasn’t changed much over the years. They were created to provide simple services for underdeveloped markets. Their differentiation came in the form of basic mobile offerings alongside attractive pricing options. However, MVNOs need more than just attractive pricing to remain a viable player. For MVNOs to increase loyalty, strengthen their brand and […]  More >>

What’s Important to MVNOs?

Flexibility is key to MVNOsFlexibility remains one of the most important characteristics for an MVNO, while managing and understanding technology remains a fundamental challenge.   More >>