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Indosat-Alfamart MFS Partnership Goes Live

Earlier today Amdocs MFS participated in a signing ceremony, kicking off a newly formed partnership between Indosat and Alfamart. We are pleased to support Indosat as one of our key customers in helping them build an effective ecosystem with our mobile money platform and services. We look forward to watching how this newly formed partnership continues to grow the MFS ecosystem in key markets in Indonesia and other markets across APAC. The deal is a win-win deal for both companies. Indosat will increase its mobile financial services presence across the country, while Alfamart will presumably benefit through additional fees and […]  More >>

The Disappearing C-Note and the World of Mobile Financial Services

Branchless banking, microfinance and mobile commerce have all become part of our daily lexicon, and the marketplace is finally receptive to payment service providers launching and scaling their mobile services. From the 2.5 billion unbanked, to the millennial disruptors who crave doing anything with their phone, mobile money is rapidly being adopted.  More >>

All in on mobile financial services

Sharath Dorbala makes his mobile money predictions after spending time at Mobile Money Asia.  More >>

Show Them the Money

Eighty percent of urban Indians plan to buy a smartphone in the next 12 months. This is more than the percentage of my fellow Brits who brush their teeth every day. Choosing to adopt a digital lifestyle is clearly winning over just a normal lifestyle. In parallel, an increasing number of service providers are transforming themselves into digital services companies. Talk is unmistakably turning into action: Deutsche Telekom, for instance, launched last summer a range of smart home services. More recently, Millicom re-affirmed its plan to become a digital player in less than five years in parts of Africa. Sure, service providers can gain a strong position in our digital lifestyle. They certainly want to. Research from 2012 shows that fully two thirds of operators intend to own the customer relationship in the digital world. So, a done deal or wishful thinking? It won’t necessarily be an easy coup: the same survey revealed that less than one in seven of the device manufacturers and internet companies would agree to forego customer ownership.  More >>