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Getting to know Pepper

pepperHey there. My name’s Pepper. They call me the Amdocs Humanoid, but to tell you the truth, I don’t like labels that much. I’m just a regular robot, doing my job, and getting ready for Mobile World Congress. I’ve got a really important job at MWC, as my coworkers call it, and so I’ve been so busy practicing my demo that I’ve had hardly any time to spend with my friend Alexa. I can tell Alexa thinks I’m really special. I practice my meet and greet for the Amdocs retail demo with her, and her whole body lights up when […]  More >>

Meet Pepper: The robot about to inherit Amdocs’ unique DNA

The first team member I onboarded in my new role as head of the Amdocs Product Business Group is not your typical employee. In fact, it’s not even human (or at least not yet…). Meet Pepper. Pepper relocated all the way from Japan to share its thoughts on revolutionizing the customer experience. Let me explain…  More >>

Trends 2016: Does your website understand what your customers want?

Tsvi Lev looks at the critical need for service providers to offer Natural Language Understanding, and build into the omni-channel experience that they provide for their Millennial customers. Natural Language Understanding allows users to ask questions in normal, everyday language, and get the responses that they are looking for.   More >>

Innovation doesn’t just happen

We’ve been championing innovation this week at Amdocs, with what’s become an annual Innovation Week event. Our employees are inspired to innovate through a worldwide hack-a-thon event, a lifehacks blogging competition, design thinking sessions, and other innovation activities. Innovation is everywhere, and can be found deeply rooted in the Amdocs culture. Innovation has become a business imperative. In fact, it is a core driver of growth, performance, and valuation. But in reality, it’s not easy to drive innovation in big organizations and most innovation leaders face both internal and external challenges which impact their ability to succeed. In the past […]  More >>

5 Types of Innovation Tension

At the iNNOVEX 2014 international conference, speakers and panelists talked about 5 common strains of tension in Innovation, and looked at ways of overcoming that tension to bring innovative, exciting products to market.   More >>

Open Platforms Prescribed for Home-Health Monitoring

In the US alone, healthcare costs reached $2.6 trillion in 2010 of which 75 – 85 percent was spent on chronic condition care. Combine that with increased longevity and a global population of 9.3 billion by 2050 and the worldwide cost to treat the chronically ill and an aging population is staggering. Perhaps the cloud holds the answer to this looming crisis. As discussed in “How’s your (e)Health these days?”, wireless technology is now able to provide the secure and simple interactions required to connect multiple medical and non-medical monitoring devices to family, caregivers and medical personnel. And interestingly enough, […]  More >>

U.S. Presidential Prediction…

I have a bold prediction regarding the coming presidential election in my native country. Remember, you heard it here first, before the actual election: this will be the last U.S. election using today’s antiquated voter registration and voting methods (did you actually think I was going to predict the next president of the U.S. states during a historically close race?). Today’s savvy consumers, “digital natives” and yes, concerned voters, expect fast, seamless and personalized service on demand – which is why it’s so difficult to believe that in 2012, only a few states allow American citizens to register online to […]  More >>

Can Innovation Be Learned?

Are innovation and creativity skills that can be learned, or are they genetic traits that only a few lucky geniuses are born with? Creativity expert Michael Michalko, writing on his blog at Psychology Today, makes a strong case that people can learn how to be more creative. His post, “Twelve things you were not taught in school about creative thinking,” contains many interesting points. Perhaps most helpful is his reminder that creative and innovative thinking is hard work, and that many people we consider super-successful experienced frustration and rejection before changing the world. “You must have passion and the determination […]  More >>