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Getting from lead to order: the B2B challenge

Imagine yourself as a sales rep working for a large service provider who’s trying to get established in the enterprise market. Armed with your iPad, you confidently sit down with the customer to close a lucrative deal for a multi-site private connectivity solution. Then reality hits. The customer now wants a customized solution with capabilities that fall outside your standard offerings. They also need quality of service (QoS) levels to which you are unable to commit. And if you agree, what would your fulfillment and build-out costs be? More importantly, could it end up a money-losing deal? Hiding your pessimism, […]  More >>

Diversified Business – Opening up new lines of revenue

We believe that within five years from now, service providers will see over 30% of their revenue coming from digital services, and that more than half their portfolio will come from services that have been around for less than 3 years. Service providers have to act now to take advantage of this digital revolution.  More >>