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Digital Spring

It’s nearly April, and Spring is in the air. It’s a time of transition, from the deep freeze of winter into the rebirth of a new year. For service providers, digital opportunities represents a Spring of their own, a time and opportunity when they can revamp their business model and reinvent the way they do business (for example by introducing new services like IoT services, or by increasing automation or exposure their capabilities to third-party partners) and their relationship with customers (for example by providing an Omni-channel experience). Transitions are often exciting, but stressful. The digital transition can be especially […]  More >>

Service providers want to become digital. So why haven’t they?

StairsLast month my colleague Sharon Alalouf shared some surprising trends that we discovered through an IDC survey. The survey showed that “the majority of respondents believe one of the main enablers needed to drive digital transformation is having a clear, cross-organization digital strategy. Moreover, 77% of them believe not having a strategy is a barrier hurting their ability to progress their transformation. Despite this, almost half (46%) of service providers don`t have a clear a digital transformation strategy in place.” Many service providers are taking their first critical steps toward becoming a digital business. Most are ensuring that they can […]  More >>