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The KPI approach to capturing the enterprise market

KPI approachAny successful service provider will tell you that to capture a market segment, you must first identify the customers’ needs, fulfill them – and ensure you continue to meet those needs. But what happens when your customer is no longer a person, but a large organization? The enterprise segment represents the newest frontier of opportunity for service providers. And in our experience, the key to success in this complex market is not much unlike for that regular consumers. It lies first and foremost in the ability to identify the right priorities for each customer, setting the required standards and ensuring […]  More >>

Serving the enterprise market: more than just a mouse click

order-to-activationDigital is hot. And in our industry, more and more, everything is about “digital transformation”. But what does that actually mean? In a nutshell, we could loosely define it as “the transformation of processes, in order to rebuild them around experience, rather than functionality.” If you had to nominate a flag bearer for the digital transformation, arguably, it would have to be Apple, who with its introduction of the iPhone, ushered in the current era of ultra-connectivity. Then, hot on their heels came the newer generations of consumer-focused companies such as Amazon, Zappos and Uber, with their own brand of […]  More >>

Speaking Your Customers’ Native Tongue

One of the most common complaints we used to have with online orders was the amount of time it took to receive a purchase. Placed at the mercy of the antiquated postal system, it was anyone’s guess as to when it might arrive. Not so with today’s digital retailers. If I go online to order a pair of shoes on Zappos, I know the service will be great. Once I click “pay”, I can be sure my order will be out the door within hours, and their system will tell me exactly when I made the order and when and […]  More >>

If Manual is the Cause, Digital is the Cure

A typical business process outsourcing (BPO) offering works according to a very simple formula. If you have a problem, call the vendor and they’ll sell you people to fix it. If a new issue in the process crops up, no problem – they’ll be more than happy to provide a whole team of agents to solve each one manually, and hopefully even sell you a long-term managed service contract. The process is reactive, long, complex and costly. It’s also based on a one-size-fits all approach, whether you’re a manufacturing plant, bank, logistics company – or service provider. Knowledge of the […]  More >>

What does your customer look like?

It’s a common scenario. The Smith family is moving house and decides to use the opportunity to upgrade their multiplay package to include more TV channels, more landline minutes and faster Internet. It means getting the technicians to coordinate with the customer to install the hardware at the new location, actually doing it on time, and then provisioning the new services on the back end to get it all working and billed properly. But for service providers in the new digital world, that’s simply child’s play. As highlighted by Analysys Mason in their recent white paper, the concepts of “customer” […]  More >>

Abandon the reactive approach to customers

It’s one of the biggest mistakes service providers can make: waiting for the malady before providing the remedy. Before the digital age, this is something consumers had to put up with. But for today’s service providers who want to maintain a competitive advantage in a fierce market, they need to find the right way to change gears from being reactive to proactive. Last week, Amdocs was greatly honored to receive the Aegis Graham Bell Award 2015 in the category of “Innovation in Managed Services” for our order-to-activation (O2A) services. The very nature of this award is testament to what service […]  More >>

Delivering new services made easy at last

Communications customers today have countless choices – a wide range of new services and multi-play bundles that they can purchase where, and from whom they wish. But behind the scenes, making life easy for customers who want new services is not so simple. Service providers must deliver everything seamlessly while performing the delicate balancing act of growing revenues and ensuring a great customer experience.  More >>