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Why consumers’ ‘always-on’ mentality is driving industry change

The ‘always on’ demands of an increasingly sophisticated, connected consumer are driving business change across multiple industries, not just telcos. The discussion at Mobile World Congress 2017 from analysts and participants was around the imminent pressure those consumer expectations are imposing on established industry players. Dr Mark Mortensen from Analysys Mason believes telcos need to change their operating models and truly embed digitisation in their operations if they are to succeed in this ‘instant gratification’ environment. The consumer wants a seamless experience, whether in the home, work or on the move, says Grant Lenahan of Appledore Research Group. For Steve […]  More >>

A better way to connect

Earlier today, I went to Old Navy’s app to buy some t-shirts and jeans for my son. Immediately upon entering the app, I was asked if I want to visit the nearby store, as there are some promotions that are available only in the store. The app knew where I was and offered me relevant options. Contrast that with the experience I usually get when I look at my service provider’s site. I see offers that don’t apply to me, and bundled packages that I am not qualified for. To make matters worse, when I start to make a purchase, […]  More >>

The Digital Store at MWC

We’re getting back into the digital retail business at Amdocs. After “selling” thousands of cups of coffee in last year’s foray into the Amdocs Mobile World Congress Café, we’ve upped the experience, and this year, you can use your phone to “buy” headphones, selfie sticks and even digital content at the Amdocs Digital Store. After downloading our app into your phone, you’ll be given 15 euros to spend. However, you can increase your available balance by using the app and experiencing different mobile money scenarios, such as paying your bills or lending money. You’ll order and “pay” for goods on […]  More >>

Experience Now

Instant gratification, one of the hallmarks of the millennial generation, has reshaped retail markets, and it is impacting service providers as well. Consumers and business customers expect immediacy in almost every interaction of their lives, and the principle holds true when it comes to connectivity.   More >>

Dynamic Data Plans: The Secret Ingredient to a Personalized Mobile Service

Mobile data is huge business these days. Whether it’s being used for work to conduct a videoconference or for entertainment and gaming, a customer’s data plan holds the key to a staggering array of opportunities. But providing all this data can be difficult and expensive for service providers, causing a “push-pull” dilemma. How can they offer usage plans that are attractive to customers, while maintaining payment plans that are reasonably profitable? To get around the problem, some service providers are looking at the idea of personalized, dynamic data plans to improve profitability and remove some of this pressure. A personalized […]  More >>

Interactive Email and Personalized Video: Taking Billing to the Next Level

The billing process is often viewed by customers as a fairly hostile experience. And the second something changes, you may start fielding calls from disgruntled customers. Nonetheless, since bills are a fact of life, why not make the effort to contextualize, digitalize and personalize the experience? It won’t just make your customers happier—it’ll improve your business as well. If you want to stand out from your competitors and use the billing experience to truly engage with your customers, you first need to change the billing game, and some of the innovative new ways to do that are with interactive emails […]  More >>

A Giant Leap in Online Commerce

In Amdocs CES 9.3, our new commerce capabilities were designed to enable service providers to sell multi-play communication services, as well as digital and hard goods, through online channels. So when a customer visits your site, the site knows which offers and products can be shown to that specific customer, with a personalized price.  More >>

Can my cable operator become an Amazon?

Recent experiences with multi-channel shopping has left Mirit Ashkenazi asking the question, why can’t my cable company be more like my favorite shoe retailer.  More >>

Is consistent service across channels just a pipedream?

Have you ever seen a great new offer for a mobile service package advertised on TV, but when you went online to your account to take advantage of the offer, it wasn’t available? Well, it just happened to me again. Frustrated, I switched to my laptop and found the offer – but the sign-up process looked completely different to what I’m used to. Why is it so difficult to get the same look and feel from my service provider when using different channels? Whatever happened to the idea of a consistent user experience?  More >>

Fixing the Enterprise Challenge

Together with Heavy Reading, we looked at some of the issues service providers face while servicing enterprise accounts. Change is on the horizon.   More >>