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Wi-Fi In The Clouds

shutterstock_572799733I’d never heard of the cloud the first time I used it. I was writing a paper for one of my marketing classes, but didn’t have time to finish it before heading off to school. I didn’t have any disks available, and so, in a moment of desperation, I emailed the document to my Yahoo account. It was simple, painless, and ensured that when I arrived at school, I could open the document and continue working on it from the university computer lab. Though I didn’t have the vocabulary at the time, it was a seamless cloud experience, and one […]  More >>

Selling Cloud Services isn’t about the Technology

The Cloud can be confusing to people not familiar with the conceptService providers trying to sell cloud services to small and medium sized businesses should stop focusing on the technology, and focus on the benefits available to SMBs.  More >>

Cloud brokerage and Maslow: The common denominator

When it comes to cloud services, SMBs have a unique hierarchy of needsService providers offering cloud services to SMBs need to understand what small and medium sized businesses actually need from the cloud, so they can create bundles that work for large swaths of the market.  More >>

4 Elements Your Cloud Ecosystem Needs

Like the African proverb, service providers need a village to successfully launch cloud servicesTo be successful, service providers offering cloud-based services need to build partnerships, and develop these four elements as part of their cloud offering.   More >>

The paradox of choice

Too many choicesService providers need to offer their small- and medium-sized business customers easy to understand packages that include cloud services, or risk scaring those customers off to find other OTT cloud providers.   More >>