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3 Areas Charging Must Get Right in Digital World

Convergent chargingThe word digital means different things to different people. In the world of communications it has taken on such a wide consensus that service providers today are actively developing strategies that transform them from Communications Service Providers to Digital Service Providers. With the range of meanings and strategies related to digital, there is one IT system that takes on a lot of responsibility in this new digital world to make real the digital strategy of various parts of the telecommunications ecosystem.  The convergent charging has to answer to a number of different masters in this environment: the business, the customers […]  More >>

Dynamic Data Plans: The Secret Ingredient to a Personalized Mobile Service

Mobile data is huge business these days. Whether it’s being used for work to conduct a videoconference or for entertainment and gaming, a customer’s data plan holds the key to a staggering array of opportunities. But providing all this data can be difficult and expensive for service providers, causing a “push-pull” dilemma. How can they offer usage plans that are attractive to customers, while maintaining payment plans that are reasonably profitable? To get around the problem, some service providers are looking at the idea of personalized, dynamic data plans to improve profitability and remove some of this pressure. A personalized […]  More >>

Hooking Subscribers with Free Access to Their Favorite Things

Everyone’s heard the old maxim “there’s no such thing as a free lunch.” By now, it’s been turned into a dozen different amusing memes and lampooned across the Web – but everyone still loves the idea of it. For Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) seeking a fresh infusion of users, a few months’ worth of free lunch (a.k.a. their favorite service) could mean a windfall when it comes to attracting new subscribers and boosting long-term retention rates. Of course, technology will play a leading role in such a marketing program. Most MNOs have Big Data solutions in place to predict which […]  More >>

Should Service Providers Rethink How They Charge for Video? Gartner Says Yes!

Video didn’t just kill the radio star, it’s now consuming more and more of the world’s mobile bandwidth. In fact, according to Gartner research director Jessica Ekholm, video usage as a percentage of total data usage is set to rise from 50% now to 60% by 2018. And that’s a lot of data. Gartner is predicting that by 2018, mobile networks will be hosting 173 million terabytes of data, triple today’s usage. So how should mobile network operators brace for the impact of this data demand tsunami? The solutions being suggested – such as raising data caps – stem from […]  More >>

The Three Different Types of Bill Readers – And How to Grab Their Attention

You might not have been aware of it, but there are three types of readers who read your monthly service provider bills. And as it’s often said that the best things come in threes, your subscribers are no exception to this rule. Either they read every detail, simply scan for “surprises” – or don’t even glance at their bill When Turkcell launched their Invoice Redesign Project to improve the customer experience, they first conducted a research project to get a good look at their customers – and were able to distinguish three types of bill readers: First, there’s the skeptical […]  More >>

Why Consistency is Key in the Age of Omni-Channel Access

Today, everyone is on the go and connected via multiple devices. And the ability to access bills from multiple channels at any place and time is a major factor impacting customer satisfaction. Omni-channel access answers the need for consistency across the different channels. Different channels, different tasks In a recent study, Google found that people navigate back and forth between their devices throughout the day to accomplish their tasks. And not surprisingly, they found that reason for this is that each channel is convenient in certain situations, but a hassle in others. For example, while your mobile phone may be […]  More >>

Five Simple Guidelines to Successfully Design Your Digital Bill

According to Gartner, by 2017, 70% of customer communications will be digital, contextualized and consumed on demand via multiple channels, including the Web, mobile devices and social media. So with digital billing becoming a key component of customer communication, how can you ensure that your transition from paper to digital bills is successful? Let’s face it. For most consumers, reading and paying a bill is a negative experience; in fact, it’s the leading trigger for complaint calls to customer service departments. Otherwise, it’s simply a source of confusion and frustration. Too much data in too little space, leads to consumers […]  More >>

As retail customers move online, how can you get ready?

According to Forrester Research, by 2017, 60% of all retail transactions will involve an online interaction at some point along the customer journey. And if these numbers hold true, companies will need to move swiftly to ensure their online experience is nothing short of stellar. Online billing is an important way to enhance and encourage the digital customer experience. Below, we look at some articles that offer other effective methods to convert customers to digital and improve their online experience. Lowering barriers to entry to a digitized customer experience This is a great article by Jim Dicso from Amdocs’ partner […]  More >>

Quick and Easy VoLTE Use Cases for Enterprise Customers

When most people think about VoLTE, they tend to focus on all the cool things it offers the average subscriber. But what about business customers? VoLTE offers businesses very real advantages – especially those who are still reliant on traditional time division multiplexing (TDM) systems. For example, VoLTE lets businesses take videoconferencing to the next level. Today, many enterprises are spending a significant amount of money on traditional solutions that require dedicated videoconference rooms, equipment, and communications services – not to mention a significant support team. But VoLTE provides fully integrated voice, video and data, giving companies the flexibility of […]  More >>

Intersession Correlation – A Simple Way to Profit With VoLTE

Intersession Correlation might sound like a highly complex term, but its significance is not hard to grasp. Here’s an easy way to think about it: Without intersession correlation, network operators cannot easily charge for the innovative new services that LTE is now enabling. The value is obvious, yet many mobile providers continue to struggle with VoLTE monetization. The key question is why? When you look at the landscape of available mobile services today, you will see a growing number of mash-ups and applications that combine voice, video, images, file sharing, notifications and other services. This is true for both businesses […]  More >>